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Thursday doors

Your smile energizes the people around you. A smile has the ability to put others at ease and give them energy. Strive to be the first to offer a smile each day to those around you.

Perfect Liberty 2020.5


Comments on: "Thursday doors" (16)

  1. Great selection of doors! I love barns.

  2. I love seeing barns.

  3. Despite the set of pictures is nice, I do not like the abandoned places. For me it looks like somebody’s life has gone. Sorry, for my pessimistic sight.

    • but Alexander, that is what makes life so interesting.. that we all have different “views” I’m happy to have you drop in and share.. =^_^=

  4. I am always amazed at how many differnt shapes and sizes barns come in.

  5. DrJunieper said:

    My goodness, how long did you have to drive to capture all these barns? Kudos to you. It looks like my neighborhood (for me this post would have been at least one and a half hours drive)!

  6. Oh wow, love these barn photos 👏👏👏

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