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birch tree sap wine!

One never stops learning. I found a video on how to tap a birch tree. I never knew that there was such a thing as birch tree sap wine! https://youtu.be/h77ytr5UzBY

The sap can be drunk fresh or made into wine, syrup or ice cubes – the writer Maurice Clother says it is great with single malts or with gin and tonic… =^_^= Who knew.. (foraging for wild food) In the video he also shows you a homemade lathe. What a craftsman.

Begin each day with a renewed sense of appreciation. Always remember that you are here today thanks to God, and thanks to the many people around you. Let’s make each day meaningful by starting out with a feeling of gratitude.

Perfect Liberty 2014.06


Comments on: "birch tree sap wine!" (11)

  1. Well, who would have thought it?

  2. Amazing I am surrounded by them, you learn something everyday thank you my friend

  3. I learn new things every day.

  4. That’s wild! I never knew that was A Thing. Not really surprised, though: people have made intoxicants out of highly unlikely things since … since I don’t know when! We probably learned to walk upright so we could carry a wineglass at parties.

  5. How interesting! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  6. smiles and regards to you on this the American Thanksgiving.. sends a happy wave across the miles..

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