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Photo art

another time – another place
a reckless heart
the invitation to dream

Past, present or future, always remember to be sincere and honest. At any time, the place where you are standing at that moment is the stage upon which you must express yourself. At each moment in time, there is sure to be a way to express yourself in relation to your position or status.

Perfect Liberty 2019.6

Each of the above pictures, I created to be the visual to a story line. I got as far as doing the photos, but never got around to doing the story, or piece to go with them. Years later, and I still feel that I will do it. Time will tell.


Comments on: "Photo art" (5)

  1. Maybe the story will find your art.

    • I’m not sure, I was telling a friend, I feel restless, I want to say something more, the pictures move me, but the words… for some reason.shift and a voice says.. there is no going back, it is ahead you must look…….. good morning!

  2. They’re interesting images in their own right, even without the stories. As you say, maybe they’ll come to fruition, maybe they won’t. Okay either way!

    • I actually did a whole series of pictures.. I was going great guns.. and then … poof, for some reason, I stopped. I enjoy playing with the characters and creating storylines for them.. like you say… when its time, the inspirations will click with me again… Finding these the other day, has given me a nudge. =^_^= …. waves good evening to you..

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