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Mud Lake 5.12

This next picture was an awesome moment, unfortunately I was unable to get a good picture, I was frozen in place on a stump, the Mother and Father of these babies were coming along behind me, since I was sitting their heads and beaks would have been right in my face, back of head, or my neck. I was not going to chance moving.

No matter what the day was like prior to my arriving at Mud Lake, as soon as I stepped into the area, I was in a different zone. I love being out in Nature, but then I’m sure you’ve arrived at that piece of information already.

every time I meet up with this female duck I’m loving her more, her beautiful markings are exquisite. Her partner is more colourful, true but I find her pattern to be a work of art.

It was a sunny day, temperatures were balmy, next time I need to get their earlier, when I arrived, the cars were already lined up all along the road. However, altho’ the wildlife is plentiful, I think I prefer an environment with less human taffic.

LIFE IS ART PL Precept #1

PS I did get to see the muskrat, but he/she was on the move. I will share a picture of that muskrat soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. Ooh, sweet, you saw wood ducks, too. I think they are beautiful.
    I love seeing little ducklings, they are sooooo cute!

    • I’ve since seen pictures of the babies taken by photographers with t he wonderful high powered zoom lenses, so chicks are like I saw them yesterday not like they were caught by little camera.. however.. for me the experience lives on.. yes the wood ducks that i saw were right on the paths and used to the human traffic. One of the photographers there suggested I join the group ..that are friends of the lake.. I applied, got my acceptance t his morning.. there are hundreds of pictures on the site from yesterday. wow.. the birds there are on constant display!

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