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Bates Island

I cannot remember the last time I was on Bates Island. Likely years and years and years. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not too busy, although there were a couple of inconsiderate persons who parked blocking the one way road on one end of the island. I wondered if there had been a sign and I missed it that this was a special picnic day for the geese and ducks. They were everywhere. Even the gulls were around, all were intent on feasting on whatever delicacies they could find.

There were a lot of proud parents watching their young playing and eating, I took care to keep my distance. One couple thought to sit by the water’s edge and enjoy a small picnic lunch.. No Way, the geese came at them from both directions, they finally got up and moved to one of the picnic tables away from the patrolling geese. In the last photo there are several babies under the greenery, I tried to get a picture of the one baby who was trying to walk up the tree, but of course, only got so far and toppled down. Mother stood closely by.

There were no kayaks in the rapids, it wasn’t too hot yet, temperatures are going to be high today, but there was a fog/smog in the air.. It will be overcast most of the day.

thru the mist off in the distance you can see downtown Ottawa and the watch tower on the grounds of Parliament.

View your difficulties as a chance to make rapid progress. You grow by overcoming the obstacles in front of you, one by one. Look at your problems as opportunities for growth and make the best of your situation.

Perfect Liberty 2014.9
Bates island is under one of the bridges that span between Ontario and Quebec.

Comments on: "Bates Island" (10)

  1. You’ve got babies!

    • LOL.. yeah.. growing babies. i had not seen family groupings like yesterday, they do actually stay in little family units.. the parents watch over and stay close. I hear the gardens are really growing this year with the early warm weather. Got yours planted?

      • No! Not yet. We had a family member in the hospital for a week. In amongst everything else, we dog sat a big black lab for a week. That took up a lot of time.

    • I hope it is smoother sailing this week.. you’ve been rushed off your feed for awhile now..good thing you are capable and a “doer”

  2. It’s so sweet to watch the baby birds. We did a spring bird count today and also had some goslings. Good thing those geese set the picnickers straight! People eat at tables, geese get the shore!

  3. You didn’t photograph the toppling baby but you did paint a word-picture of it

    • smiles good morning …I really don’t know how the pro’s get their camera back up and grab a picture when something happens like that.. I don’t stand still, I’m wandering around, it was nice to hear the rapids, and be on an island, where the breezes kept the mosquitos at bay. you got any tricks up your sleeves?

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