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Good morning, it was dreary when I looked out, but not raining, I thought, good day to go to Mud Lake, it was early enough, shortly after six.. however by the time I did a bit of this and that it was now going on 7:30.. still have time, I grabbed my coffee and headed for the door. My route to Mud Lake took me to an entry access to the 417 going West. By golly I was in the turning lane, I was going to either have to take the entry onto the 417 or get over a lane. =^_^=

It was one of those easy no brainers, I was on the 417 headed out towards Fitzroy Harbour and Morris Island. By now it was a steady downpour, no changing lanes on the Queensway, the morning traffic was heavy, so I just let it happen. I will tell you what you all know, overcast, humid, rain, is of no matter to the bugs and mosquitos. When I got out of the car to get a closer look at anything, I was mercilessly swarmed. I persevered it will be a trip for another day, if I have my way, a fall day. I did get to the parking lot, and had a brief look around, there were no other cars in sight.

Allow me to share some helpful information with you.. the little building is the loo, Female door is the one you see, the Male entrance is at the rear. It is very DARK inside, there are not signs on how to turn on the lights, they do not come on automatically, there is a box on the left as you enter, that if you look at it closely there is a small button, press that before you close the door otherwise you will be in complete darkness. There is a park fee of $6.00 you park and pay at the machines you see above.

The park guidelines are well outlined and posted .. please read up on what is and what is not permitted . Dogs are to be leashed at all times. I will return for sure.. but today’s trip has shown me that I will do so well after the mosquito season. ugh. The terrain, the landscape, the possibilities are endless for those wanting a hike, and outdoor experience. I of course heard a ton of wildlife, birds etc. that I have yet to identify.. didn’t miss the crows and raven calls tho’.. they are still my favourites.

Be thankful at the beginning and end of each day. Each and every one of your actions can inspire peace with your family, your community and the world around you. This peace will eventually help lead to World Peace.

Perfect Liberty 2020.21

NB I did show you the one place they posted for putting your canoe in the water, there are other places you can slide a kayak in too. On the road leading to the parking area, there are signs, they do not want parking along the roadway.

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