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love rocks

I’ve yet to meet a rock I’ve not liked. They can be hard to get to know, but always they have a story to tell. Much like trees, the longer they are around, the more ambiance they pick up and over time, they are works of art. Everything in life tells a story, yesterday was a fascinating day, I had a lot of new experiences, and met a lot of new rocks and trees that teased me with their history.

Discovering far away places, is great, except didn’t get my walking in, so I’m off this morning to make up for the steps I missed yesterday.

Today’s calendar..

You will find joy when you immerse yourself in your task. when you face your tasks with a can do attitude, you will be filled with enthusiasm and inspiration.

Perfect Liberty 2021.22

Nature amplifies my love of life. Q


Comments on: "love rocks" (2)

  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    My feet have met a few rocks that they were not particularly fond of. Particularly these huge boulders that work their way into my shoe when I’m out running.

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