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my first bunnah

There it was sitting pretty. thank goodness I got this in before my battery on the camera died. Such moments are so incredible.

Be a person who can recognize the sincerity of others. When you put your whole heart into things you will be able to notice the sincere acts of others in the subtle things they do, and appreciate them that much more.

Perfect Liberty 2020.23

Multitasking reduces your joy by half. When doing something give it your all. There is joy in everything.

Perfect Liberty 2021.23

tomorrow bright and early, I’m going to go in search of the (female) moose I heard about today!

Comments on: "my first bunnah" (5)

  1. That’s a pretty one!
    Good luck on your moose hunt… watch out if she has a calf, she might not be all that happy to see you!

    • the runner that saw her, didn’t see her with any other animal.. but one never knows.. I hope I can manage to deal with the mosquitos. Sends a caring greeting your way!

  2. Love this cute little bunny.

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