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Friday 2nd July

Where does the time go…
There are no empty spaces between the trees now, everything is covered with vegetation all vying for a place in the sun.

PL Precept #16 All things progress and develop.

Nowhere can this be seen more when walking the nature trails – the landscape changes every day, there is always something new to see or find. I didn’t crop the second picture, I wanted you to see the wall of vegetation that is so abundant with life.. The bird songs are always floating over the land, coming from all directions. Woodlands are alive with activity.

PL # 16 Tudo progride e se desenvolve

Be a person who can say ” I like it” find what moves you the most and express your appreciation.

Perfect Liberty 2021.2
Be well –

loving you always and forever

Comments on: "Friday 2nd July" (5)

  1. I love these photos, and would love to walk through this peaceful area..

    • hello dear friend, I find this particular trail very tranquil and find myself returning time and time again. Sends you a virtual hug…=^_^=

      • Virtual hug returned. I think my spirit is reminding me that I need to get out and walk. I need to find a renewed balance. Your photos have helped that thought get through.

    • thank you. I took a lady from our church out today, she doesn’t have a car, is in her 80’s has to be careful when out on her own, where she can go… I took her to where I go.. first the one place which is wild.. she stayed in the car.. but then I took her to the bog, where the space is more open and the walking more like a walk in the park for the first half of the trail. It was amazing how she took to being out in nature, not on a city street, or a shopping mall. I said I would bring her back .. I felt her joy at seeing the squirrels and chipmunks.. Nature is very healing… take care dear friend.. have a great long week-end.

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