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wild turkeys

Do you see them? even one of them? no.. neither did I.. There were 4 of them bold as brass crossing the road, I saw them plain as day… slowed and stopped. reached for my camera, turned off the car, quietly opened the door, Poof, the little beggars scurried faster and disappeared. I searched all along the area they disappeared.. Nothing. Before the snow falls I hope to capture at least one to show you.

Listen carefully and speak clearly. A good relationship starts from truly understanding each other.

Perfect Liberty 2021.5
Till soon

Comments on: "wild turkeys" (3)

  1. They have no time for posing

  2. one crossed our street in front of the car two weeks ago.

  3. I saw one crossing a road many years ago. Not much of a feast if that was a typical one.

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