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Chop suey Thursday

Work is a pile of chores (minor things) How sincere are you in your daily life from morning till night? Life is a series of small things, a pile of small things, reminder, happiness is something not to neglect.

translated from Japanese PL lesson 27.2021

Rumours are curses. When people who like to gossip get together, they turn into the conversation into “bad language” Just being there saying bad things and so on is a negative. It is not wise to gossip

translated from Japanese -PL lesson 28. 2021

I picked a variety of “doors (openings) today, let your thoughts, imagination wander and explore the possibilities, of how and what these images evoke.

For more doors, please visit Dan’s site, No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2021/10/28/more-train-doors/ there you will discover doors posted by fellow bloggers who share in the joy of doors.

Be considerate of others.. share.. start with a smile.

Comments on: "Chop suey Thursday" (9)

  1. amplitudejoy said:

    Sweet message Dymoon. Have a great weekend

  2. What an interesting collection of doors today. They all do have a purpose. It’s fun to think about what that purpose might be in some cases. Your words about gossip are very wise.

  3. Sorry you’re not out and about yet but I enjoyed your collection and your quotes. May I have some of that dim sum, please?


    • Yes.. I found it when I was looking for pictures I could use.. prompted me to find some in the freezer and steam them up.. yum… have a great week-end!

  4. Yes, happiness is something to not neglect. A great reminder. Like the shade of green on the doors.

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