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avocado egg

An outdated address book you just don’t want to throw away – it has all the names of friends who have been and now are gone… holds memories some you really can’t remember all that well, while other names bring back chapter and verse of a special time in your life..

A single egg looking very alone, joined an avocado for breakfast, with a side of bacon.

Another day, seems the sun has come out to play. Wonder what adventure will come my way.

Change your mind, thinking “It will be alright” Do the best you can without being overly attached.

Perfect Liberty 2021.20

Some days just happen. Today when you look, the light frost and snow will be everywhere, give it another hour or two, and……………. who knows what you will find,

I am thinking I might try a slice of dark Christmas fruit cake with a slice of Gouda cheese.


Comments on: "avocado egg" (5)

  1. Avocado, egg and bacon make a great breakfast in my book! Have a sparkly day!

  2. My address book was a nightmare for Jackie when she and Louisa arranged my 70th surprise birthday party. It will be my 80th next year!!!

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