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Pillow Poems

Dewberry P 23

Don’t let circumstances sway your decision. It does not help to overthink things. Sometimes we just need to make up our minds and move forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.6

Pillow Poem.. I had not heard that expression before. Another blogger used it as a heading for one of her poems she posted. It rather struck me as being rather appropriate for some of the musings and thoughts I have had over the years. We learn something new everyday, anyone else ever heard or used this saying?

Lately I have been having lots of talks, thoughts and dreams on my non existent pillow ( I detest them, can’t seem to find them comfortable in any way shape they come in….) I gave up years ago, I use a towel rolled up under my neck. omg am I hearing cranky in my tone… it is far too early … time to get out and into the woods.

Have a good day everyone. If you are lucky enough to live where the fall weather is colouring the leaves and the landscapes are brilliant with colour… enjoy!!


Comments on: "Pillow Poems" (7)

  1. My sleep dreams are so vivid. And I remember them! 💤

  2. It seems like I do have little poems or phrases that come to my mind right before I fall asleep. Maybe some people are diligent enough to get up and write them down – hence a “pillow poem” is born! Never heard of it before, but makes sense to me.

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