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My third attempt at writing this blog… too many thoughts, too many different interjections from within my own thought process. Japan (head quarters for the PL church) has made a decision that they are imposing on the churches in North America.. (USA and Canada) In Japan and Brazil and all South American churches I am assuming will also follow suit. In Brazil tho’ they already have their own way of dealing with things.. their culture is so different from Japan, that over time, they have developed what works for them.

However in North America we are not in the thousands, we are a much smaller group, with churches in California NY and here in Canada. Actual physical churches number less than a dozen, our members though are scattered across the States and Canada. Still by comparison we are few. So Japan has decided without consultation with any of its members that we will no longer be able to have service on Sundays, but must operate like they do in Japan where the culture is different and there is a church in almost every corner of the city, town, village etc. Oh we will be allowed to still “gather” on Sundays, but we must no longer call it a service, we must call it a “gathering” and how we get together must be as they dictate.

I love the philosophy of the teachings (PL) but I do not agree with the corporate decisions that are being dictated to us, or how they are communicating with us. It is a very male dominated organization, and tho’ they talk of equality, there is a way for women and a way for men. (so it is written) … these are words … the teachings are so profound and so universal, ONE with the Universe, Peace on earth for everyone etc.. in the past I’ve been able to simply ignore I guess the parts of the “church” that I found sexist, (mainly telling myself it was set up at a different time when times were different, and ..oh.. it is in the translation from Japanese to English…. but.. this last slap… I can not just sit back and accept…)

Of course it is not as simple, it is not black/white.. never-the-less… it has given me serious cause for pause.

Don’t let circumstances sway your decision. It does not help to overthink things. Sometimes we just need to make up our minds and move forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022,6

Do you know that I am English speaking, I am Canadian, if I have an issue or problem and want to talk it over with a leader in Japan, they do not have someone who I can dialogue with in English. and when there I was given a name tag that said I was from the USA. When I said “excuse me, I am from Canada,” I was seen as a nuisance, my tag got changed but only because I insisted, maybe I’m just slow .. and maybe I am a trouble maker, but I am Canadian and I paid a small fortune to get there to participate, in my view it was a lack of respect on their part. oh dear.. oh dear.. time to shut down and go find my birds,

yes everyone, I will be there today, but….

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  1. You are on an important journey. You know your destination, but you must choose the means by which you travel. I wish you all the best as you work through this. Take care my Canadian friend.

  2. Wow… just when you think you’ve discovered a spiritual organization you can work with, you discover they aren’t the bright new star you envisioned them to be. More and more, I believe that we each have within us our own ‘church’; our own religion; our own way in the world through this life that we are living. Be kind to others, treat others equally, keep faith that you are on the right path in life and finally, spread love as much as you can in every way you can.

  3. A disappointment to say the least. I’m sure a solution will appear to you. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

  4. I’m British and live in Japan so you can talk to me anytime. But, I’m not a church-goer!

    • LOL thanks for the chuckle…. I loved Japan, and I love the people, but when it comes to trying to converse with them (the people at the church)I run into walls… it is just the way it is. Live goes on.. you are enjoying life there, that’s good! you would have been handy to know when I was there. =^_^=

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