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ghost shadow

You can just see the ghost outline along the snowbank of the area where the car went up inflames. Intense heat melted metal, shattered glass etc. right into the asphalt. Serious clean up had to be done. I was on the scene the following morning, Smoke, soot, grime, and lingering odors still hung about casting a cautious lull in the woods around.

We are capable of handling whatever comes our way. Instead of asking yourself, “Can I do it?” simply tell yourself, “I’m going to do it!” Then give it your best effort.

Perfect Liberty 2017.17

The Path to achievement is “to start with what you can do” Try to find out what you cando towards challenges in your own situation. This will pave the way for achievement,

Perfect Liberty 2023.17

*** Can you see the wee dragon ***

Comments on: "ghost shadow" (2)

  1. I like your imagination. 👻🐉

    • LOL thanks… I see dragons everywhere…. can you believe it was like mid March yesterday and today, we’ve had a huge snow dump, temperatures dropped.. but starting tomorrow after a full day of my snow and freezing ice, temperatures will start to climb again. the arthritic joints are having a screamfest.

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