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doors open in/out

Make the best use of materials and money. you can do different things as materials and money play their roles. How to make them work is important.

Perfect Liberty 2023.16

Today being Thursday I pulled some photos of doorways that I hope will give you pause for a moment. Which way you go through the doors, will make a difference. Will you be going through them .. to go in… or to leave… Depending on how you encounter some doors, what their purpose will be to you in your life… will certainly give pause for thought.

Same applies to how we view the opportunities/challenges that come our way.

Start by doing the things you notice. it is impossible to do two things at once. Let your intuition guide you and start with what you can take on now.

Perfect Liberty 2017.16

This being Thursday, you can click on the above link it will take you to Dan’s No Facilities site and the post this week on doors.

The wonderful pictures showing doors in an ambience that demonstrates the thought I am presenting for you to ponder today were taken by Ian Mitchell (photographer/traveler) on one of their (family) holiday destinations.

Thank you dear friends, without you in my life… life would be so boring. I appreciate each and every one of you Near or far, you are beautiful energies. Oyashikiri

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  1. These are wonderful photos, and they do make me think. So many emotions come to the surface as we consider what it would mean to go through these doors and what it would mean to send people through these doors. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Some somber doors today but thanks for sharing them.


    • Hi Janet…. every time I see your profile picture it reminds me of the two horses i see every morning, without fail I roll down my window in any temperature if they are out.. to say good morning to them. I do believe that going on 3 years now.. they recognize my voice.. at least I want to think they do… I tell them how handsome they are and that they are the best ever..

    • Thanks Tom, Ian is very good at catching the atmosphere in his photo “visual art”… I always appreciate his generosity in sharing. have a great week-end.

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