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Whoa Slow Down

Remember the rabbit in Alice in wonderland.. ” I’m late.. I’m late… for a very important date!” Is this YOU. Sometimes it is me, and duh… I’m retired… yet I still have moments of “OMG look at the time” and I know that the wildlife and other critters don’t have watches. I stopped wearing a watch years ago. Curious, do you still wear a watch?

Being asked for a favour is a chance. When someone as for a favour from you this is a chance for you to help others. Face the chance proactively.

Perfect Liberty 2023.23

When we spend our time rushing from one task/obligation to another, & we seem to be constantly on the go – when do we/you/I slow down, when do we actually regroup, recharge, reenergize?

Let’s find the secret door to a private hide away

Today is your lucky day, it is Thursday Doors, you can visit Dan’s No Facilities site to explore just which door you can disappear through… for your fantasy retreat. But.. remember, it is a visit, you still have to come back to deal with your everyday “stuff” https://nofacilities.com/2023/02/23/wor-union-station-grand-hall/

Comments on: "Whoa Slow Down" (9)

  1. I do still wear a watch, even though I’m retired. I try not to be rushing around, but I don’t like being late, especially not for important dates 🙂 Great post!

  2. Sans watch. Retired. Now it is mostly our schedule. Not somebody else’s schedule. When is the tea party ?

  3. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    I Still wear a watch. Though I have ‘upgraded’ to one that tracks my activity and can show me who a text is from so I don’t have to drag out my phone. I also still set alarms. Sometimes even for other people.

  4. I too am retired and i stopped wearing watches years ago. 😊

    • good morning Tom…. I can’t even remember when I last wore one, I even tried a fitbit once.. that didn’t last.. the time finally comes when we don’t have to be tied to a daily routine… we can still do so if we want to, honestly I don’t even think of a watch anymore. AND I am leaning more and more to leaving my cell phone down on a counter or in another room when I’m home so that I have “privacy”…

  5. I wear a watch intermittently. I’m not officially retired but I am not in paid work due to some health issues and still have kids at home. So not really sure what that makes me. Often late but not for the big stuff.
    Best wishes,

    • good morning Rowena.. work is work.. and raising a family is a full time commitment, kudos!! a watch for me is a restriction, I had a collection of watches, but realized it was decoration .. (for me).. it was like giving up smoking, one day I simply stopped. gave my good watches away, haven’t worn one now in years. and look… I’m still thriving =^_^= and no sun tan line in the warmer weather!!!

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