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Life is fragile at the best of times.. Ever since I found the Merlin and got to admire the beauty of her markings and her head I have been haunted by the experience. A small member of the falcon family she often hunts on the fly, catching her prey in mid flight. Today while at the feeders I could hear the crows going ballistic in another part of the woods, I attempted to follow the “noise”.. looking up as I took to the trail. I have never been able to use binoculars without getting a headache.. thinking I might try again with these newer and lighter models. I gave up as the noise grew louder but seemed to be moving further away from the area I was in. I didn’t have my camera with the powerful lens, I wouldn’t be able to see the bird if it was high up in the trees.

What I learned from this incident was that I “knew” and thought it was a Merlin when I saw her lying peacefully on the snow.. but when someone else told me no it was something else, I doubted my knowledge. I have since found out, I was right, this /that angel was a Merlin. I am unhappy with myself that I didn’t 1. take a picture, and 2. take better care in burying her. In PL one of our lessons in life is to learn to trust our inner voices. Here is an example of my not following my instincts, and then living with the consequences. Every life is important.. /has value.

Why am I finding it so hard to shake this little bird’s demise. I don’t know..I can only guess, it was a loss of life and I was privy to the passing on, of this life, Thankfully I didn’t settle for an answer that I got that I felt in my heart was wrong. Every life should be recognized and acknowledged. I have since said a prayer for her little spirit..

Discover something new today. Have a willingness and an interest to start your day with excitement.

Perfect Liberty 2023.22

I have to practice – letting go.. The little bird is at peace, now I have to find mine. Wishing and hoping won’t bring her back.

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  1. So moving and beautifully true.

  2. How sad to find a dead raptor. It was kind of you to bury it and pause in remembrance of a passing life. All living beings matter.

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