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sharp shinned hawk Merlin hawk

In the last little while there have been visitors to the feeders that are not welcomed by the regular diners. This morning it was the sharp shinned hawk (left)… the other day it was a Merlin. With the up and down winter we’ve had, the birds have been traveling more. Ravens are already calling, looking for someone to hook up with. I noted that the crows have started to go further afield as well.

The more I see of the Merlin, the more convinced I am that the dead bird that I found the other week, was a Merlin. That beautiful head has stayed in my memory … it was a beautiful bird, even in death it was a true “beauty”. Next time I hope to remember to take a picture.

Be grateful for everything. If you see everything as material to express gratitude, you can encounter a number of opportunities you are grateful for.

Perfect Liberty 2023.21

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  1. winter is as cruel as spring

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