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Friday, final du semana

When I see an oak tree … I think of endurance, strength, majestic … locally our LCBO (Liquor control board of Ontario) has put out a statement that once they run out of their current supply of paper bags, they will no longer be providing them. Customers will have to supply their own bags like we are required to do at grocery stores … interesting feedback… some customers just shrug, they have to do so already in the supermarkets etc. so why not. Other’s protest because paper is recycled. However the argument that it will save millions of trees… is what stands out for me.

Think of how much “service” we get from a tree, how many homes /shelter it provides for our feathered friends and other wild life. The last couple of years have seen how climate changes have meant we are experiencing more severe storms. Storms that do damage to the forest/woodlands, we see broken tree limbs everywhere, and trees that have gone to standing tall and proud to broken shreds torn apart and left splintered and dying from the fierce winds and heavy ice/snow build ups.

Develop new ideas through your imagination – softly and flexibly. If you could find a way to add a twist you will have more joy.

Perfect Liberty 2023.28

Trees matter – really matter.

oak tree photo-NickVrtis

Comments on: "Friday, final du semana" (4)

  1. I remember seeing a new raccoon family take over residence in a hollow tree down by the creek every Spring. 🌳🦝💦

  2. Trees and plants are the reason we can survive on this planet. Humans take them for granted, but the veneer is cracking, we need to pay attention!

  3. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    The argument that it will save trees is a little simplistic. Modern good logging companies replant when the log an area. I think the more important argument is that it will avoid all the ‘processing’ that goes into making paper from a tree. The heavy machinery used to cut and haul and crush the trees, and chemicals and water used to make the paper. These are all most likely worse than the loss of the trees.

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