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and a good day to you!


Top of the morning!  How are you this fine day…


Sure I’m up to it.. only thing is will I be able to get in..


Come on Lizzie, lelt him in.. he’s sorry, he really is


On no!  someone has let the alligators out and baby is feeding them again.


Pardon me, its time for my break


Oh, Lizzie you were so cute here, how old were you in this picture?


ah, the elephant got to his gig (job)

all ends well…

Thanks for sharing this silly moment with me..

no excuse, just one of those things.. I kept hearing trains last night



the great b/w photos are from BuzzFeed rewind


Lizzie is a dear friend (Lizzie Borden) what can I say, that is her name.

the rest, as always is all from my head (true confessions)

Have a grand day/weekend!




A car that originally belonged to Al Capone, became the first presidential armored car.  (Franklin Roosevelt).first bikini   1946

1946 the first bikini introduced by French engineer Louis Reard and fashion designer Jacques Heim, in Paris, France.  The name of the swimsuit “bikini” was taking from the Bikini Atoll, one of a series of islands in the South Pacific, where testing of the new atomic bomb was occurring.

1914 Honus Wagner, original Flying Dutchman

Honus Wagner became the first professional baseball player to get 3000 career hits (1914)  Wagner was the original “flying Dutchman”


Godmother of Rock and roll, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, guitarist,singer,songwriter, she was the first artist to chart with spiritual recordings due to her signature blend of gospel with secular rhythms.  she was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2007. (pbs.org)

History is what designed today, our acceptance  and appreciation for what was, will help balance how we progress in handling the challenges of living in the world we are in right now.  Reflect on what was considered then, to be very modern, or the norm, and the adversity and struggles of our ancestors….  In 24 hours, today will be history.

Namaste    – Oyashikiri


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