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Burnout and beyond



Let love in. many of us, get so caught up in work, and life that we forget how important love is in our lives.  We forget the little things, we loose touch with a part of our inner selves.  We stop listening to our bodies, we don’t eat properly, or we fixate on how and what we eat, we are always looking out at the world, directing our attention to activities that take us “away” from our selves, and often those closest to us.  Then one day we wake up feeling dispirited and exhausted and wonder what happened.  We didn’t even see it coming.

How often have we heard the cliché/expression – Stop and Smell the Roses…  sometimes ill-health or something tragic has to happen before we stop to face our “demons”.  Let us take steps to avoid a burnout, or if you are in one, let’s take the step that moves us beyond the moment into a  “new day” and into a new exhilerating adventure.  Value those who are near to you, and most of all, value yourSELF.  Recognize the person you are, if you are having trouble with that and you belong to a church, speak with your minister, in  PL our ministers are trained and always available 24/7 to help

Through consultation given by PL ministers you receive personal guidance tailored to your individual character and situation, We each one of us has our own unique personality and lifestyle, happiness is built by establishing wishes and goals, and then working towards achieving them in our daily lives.

Be open to the impossible!  It is hard to think outside the box when we are stuck inside the box.. be  “aware” new doors are always opening in front of us.

Have a great day everyone, the sun is shining here and it is COLD -28 or some silly number like that.  But sharing with you, always wraps me in sunshine.    Oyashikiri



Have the Courage to Take the First Step

Have the Courage to Take the First Step

PL teaching day 19
If you are timid, you will never be able to break free and start something new. Believe in yourself and take the first step.

Have the Courage to Take the First Step.n (PL)

The more we do, the more self reliant we are. (Tao)

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