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Goedendag =^_^= good day everyone!

3012c01dcc3059b4172570c9577826a8In church yesterday, Rev. Tiago spoke of a story he’d heard when he was back in Brazil, studying to be a minister for the Church of PL  (Perfect Liberty) It was about Oshieoya-sama .  (This is the honorific title of the spiritual leader of PL, Rev. Takahito Miki).  He was telling  us that when Oshieoya-sama was younger, (still in high school) he felt that it was important to know about computers, and that the new technology would one day play an important role in the church and society. He focused and studied hard,what he learned he taught to others in his church group. The subject matter was advanced for his age group and academic level, but he applied himself, and eventually  he wanted to take the required exams for certification on this IT technology.   The exams were attended and taken  by students in senior levels he was the only one who was still at the high school level.  When the results were finally posted, of all the students who had taken the tests, only 5  made the grade. 1 of which was Oshieoya-sama.  On being told of his accomplishment, his first reaction was one of concern, on how the others had done.

Because of his achievement at such an early age, he was signaled out to be interviewed.  Always he included his fellow students, always when asked a question, on how he had managed to get such grades and pass the exams, he referred the question to one of the other graduates, by saying ,” thank you, yes WE worked hard,” and then he would turn and ask the other student to explain the complexities of the subject.  He did not accept the attention on himself and his hard work, but on the hard work of the others who had also achieved their goals.  Yes he was the youngest, but he knew that in allowing the others to have their time being interviewed it would help them along their career paths.

I so appreciated hearing Rev. Tiago talk about Oshieoya-sama.  His little story was a reminder for me  to put into practice more, the  21 Principles in PL,  in particular   #4 to live with the spirit of Misasage (Devotion) working for the happiness of others.

It is so easy to get caught up in our own little worlds. In PL we are encouraged to pray for the happiness of others and society.   to strive to do things for the sake of other, and pray for their happiness as well.  Many of us will often review the PL 21 Precepts.  How often do we review the 21 Principles?    the PL 21 Principles, are the practical guidelines  for our daily lives as PL members.  They assist us in practicing the PL 21 Precepts, they are specific  guidelines how how to live the PL WAY. (an artistic life) and teach us how to reach a positive state of mind.  Anyone wanting to know more about what Rev. Tiago had to say yesterday, or to consult with him, Rev Tiago de Medeiros Chagas  –   tiago@perfectliberty.ca  or by phone 613-225-1850

flower,pink Chilean bell flower

 Pink Chilean bell flower

Even when we think we have put our best effort into what we are doing, we may have overlooked something. with a humble mind, take a second look, check for that there isn’t something you’ve missed.  Mistakes and oversights happen.  They are just part of life… little hiccups along the way.

Smile…  have a great day….. do your best to spread sunshine and happiness to others.    Blessings be……………..    Oyashikiri

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Last day of March!

mirror,quiet lake viewThis is where I want to be………………………..I want to hear the quiet…………………….not the garbage truck doing its pick up outside my office window …………………….ahhhhh………………..I slept in, just got out of bed! …………………….here let me readjust my  head !

frozen falls 3

I do see bright sunlight out there….won’t be long now, all the snow will melt……. the water will flow freely again…… the grass will turn green………….flowers will bloom ……………..yes, yes.. I’m hearing a happy tune ……………………YA Y the hesitant moment is gone………I’m happy again…………………  I  closed my eyes and sincerely prayed…. Shikiri……. Shikiri.Mioyaookami (God, the source, power,TAO)         Oyashikiri……………… Oyashikiri …………… (special prayer to receive Oshieoya-sama’s (senior reverend minister ) blessing),   remember it is not the length of the “hook up” ……. it is the quality of the connection.

lotus blossom, by samlim

morning lotus flower by samlin


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Burnout and beyond



Let love in. many of us, get so caught up in work, and life that we forget how important love is in our lives.  We forget the little things, we loose touch with a part of our inner selves.  We stop listening to our bodies, we don’t eat properly, or we fixate on how and what we eat, we are always looking out at the world, directing our attention to activities that take us “away” from our selves, and often those closest to us.  Then one day we wake up feeling dispirited and exhausted and wonder what happened.  We didn’t even see it coming.

How often have we heard the cliché/expression – Stop and Smell the Roses…  sometimes ill-health or something tragic has to happen before we stop to face our “demons”.  Let us take steps to avoid a burnout, or if you are in one, let’s take the step that moves us beyond the moment into a  “new day” and into a new exhilerating adventure.  Value those who are near to you, and most of all, value yourSELF.  Recognize the person you are, if you are having trouble with that and you belong to a church, speak with your minister, in  PL our ministers are trained and always available 24/7 to help

Through consultation given by PL ministers you receive personal guidance tailored to your individual character and situation, We each one of us has our own unique personality and lifestyle, happiness is built by establishing wishes and goals, and then working towards achieving them in our daily lives.

Be open to the impossible!  It is hard to think outside the box when we are stuck inside the box.. be  “aware” new doors are always opening in front of us.

Have a great day everyone, the sun is shining here and it is COLD -28 or some silly number like that.  But sharing with you, always wraps me in sunshine.    Oyashikiri



Londinium Gearworks and Lil Verse

Londinium Gearworks and Lil Verse

Everyone can dream. This wonderful place in SL (Second Life) is a delight to explore. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/PARP/165/127/45
Sometimes in life we need to slip away from the challenges in RL (Real world) and allow our creativity to recharge.  Oh OH, caught Q trying to sneak up to the ice cream vendor.  Here one can indulge and not have repercussion (blood sugar levels) =^_^=

nov.15_008There are hobbit buildings where Tabitha showcases, her wonderful Victorian furniture and outfits.  There are a ton of places to explore, and if like me you like to take photographs, there is a wide variety of interesting places to capture on disk.  You get to try out different environment settings. Virtual photography like anything else,takes some adjusting to, but once you get the  hang of it, results are rewarding.  This thought process applies to how we live our lives too!  When we cheat, sneak a “shouldn’t have” it is our bodies that suffer, it is  me.I. self. that pays the price.  Choices. My inner voice is always right, I have to learn to trust it more, listen carefully to what I’m hearing, not hear what I want to hear.  There is a difference.


In Pl we are encouraged to stay in tune with the times.  Virtual worlds are here and have been now for awhile.  In world, we  get to meet people from all over the world.  We can socialize, or explore on our own,  there is no escaping that the experience of being in a virtual world broadens our  horizons.  If you are yourself creative, the possibilities are endless.

Did you know that there is a small building in Second Life dedicated to the study and practice of /on the philosophy of Perfect Liberty?  If ever you wanted to meet with one of the ministers, you can do so in Second Life. =^_^=  Today I am going to move the church to another building.  Once I’m done doing that, I will post the new location for you.

Rev. Goto the minister in New York for the Church of Perfect Liberty, sent out his newsletter recently.  In it, he said “PL teachings don’t exist in a far away world, but in the daily movements of our lives”   That quote he used, really resonated with me. I so truly believe that God is with us in everything we do.  I have found SL to be a wonderful learning tool, I have found and learned some profound lessons through being a member of this virtual world.  When we are open to life and its lessons, we are blessed with the experience and wonder of the journey.

“You have a built in yearning to seek your inspired self and feel wholeness, a kind of inexplicable sense that patiently demands recognition and action.  You might describe it as a mechanism persistently projecting the words, destiny,mission, or purpose on your inner screen. ” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer  

“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old ”  Franz Kafka

Whatever you do today, do it mindfully, be present 100%. LOVE God/Tao with all your heart and soul/mind. Mark 12:30 NIV

Blessings, today and always.  Be Happy, SMILEGood Saturday Morning everyone!


Spiraling out of control


Have you ever had the feeling that you were spiraling out of control. That even though you were standing still, life was just whirling past far too quickly
We live in a world that is rapidly changing ..
We get used to certain constants in our lives, and then, one day you wake up, look around, and life is not really the same at all.
How do we continue to keep up and evolve with the different trends of society, do we really need to continually strive to broaden our horizon.

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

One of the aspects of being a member of PL is that PL responds to problems in our daily lives, by offering personal consultations. I treasure this opportunity to have one on one with the minister. The Minister(s) is/are always there for private consultations. WE, each and every one of us, travels at our own pace. Having the ability to touch base personally regarding the various stages and phases of our spiritual life journey is one of the “unique” services provided by church.

PL offers Personal guidance, to help us keep in tune with the Times. You can receive consultation from a PL minister for any kind of problems or situations. You receive personal guidance tailored to your individual character and situation.  Each one of us has our own unique personality and life style.  Therefore, it is different for each individual how they would practice the true way, or how they would seek happiness.

Happiness is built by establishing wishes and goals, and then working towards achieving them in your daily life.

Oshieoya-sama has put his Shikiri prayer into PL Consultations. – PL ministers and Hokyoshi are sworn to confidentiality, If something is not right in your life and you are not happy, or you are not enthusiastic about something, feel free to ask your minister or Hokyoshi (assistant Minister) for a PL consultation.  The church is here for YOU.

photo-SL virtual art -Q

photo -PL prayer symbol  (Aramitma) courtesy Ana in Spain


Rev. Fukito Kimura

Finally I can  introduce you to Rev. Fukito Kimura, I am trying to get a better picture of him, and when I do I will post it.  This man is genuine, kind  and compassionate.   I mentioned him just the other day.  It has taken me awhile to present him to you because he speaks no English and I no Japanese.  He was kind enough to reply to my question,  how was it he became a PL minister.  For those of you who read Japanese, I will copy paste his response to me.  The training to be a PL minister is long and it is one of total dedication to the goals and philosophy of the church.  Reading his words, is not meeting him in person, but perhaps if you travel to Japan, you will look him up, or if you want to know about PL, talk to us here in the USA or Canada.

Rev Kimura

What follows are his words translated by Rev. Eugene (Ottawa  church)

One month has passed since Founders’ Day.
I’m very sorry to respond late in regards to your questions, Dymoon.
I will write the reason for becoming a minister.
I attended a university in Nara Prefecture after graduating from the PL high school. In 1987 when I was a senior in the university, I have not decided on what to do after graduation.
One day, a upper classman from my old high school dropped by that I was acquainted with. He asked me if I wanted to become a PL minister. I knew how hard of a work you put in as a PL minister and people around me was also expressed not becoming a minister, so I thought to myself that I would not cut it as a minister.
But, the upper classman’s request was very serious and he kept insisting for me to become a minister. What started to change my mind was the upper classman’s words of, “Let’s repay Oshieoya-sama.” That simple act of giving back for the blessings you received made more sense to me than looking for a job that I can do or want to do. By the end of summer (the school year in Japan is from April to March), even though I had many ideas of my future, I started to think that I might have regrets in the future if I don’t become a minister. Hence, I decided to become a minister.
In October of the same year, I went to take the entrance exam for the ministers trainee school together with the upper classman. And, I was accepted into the 26th Class of Ministers’ Trainee which started in April of the following year.
It would take too many spaces here to write everything, so I’m going to jump to the point where I met my wife and had 3 children.
My time in living in Holy Land has been long, but recently I had the opportunity to do Misasage at a church for 4 years. The Misasage at the church had change my views quite a bit towards other people and especially towards myself. It’s not that I was lazy, but through practicing my Mioshie and PL teachings, I learned the meaning behind what it is to overdo which I tend to do. At my current Misasage at the Rensei Department, it gives me great joy knowing that it is a continuous changes that happens and with that, we strive to make it so that it conforms with Oshieoya-sama’s feelings and ideas which will lead to the Rensei participants being able to appreciate.
The following is what I keep in mind while I do my Misasage.
That is, never forget to do Shikiri (prayer). To do Misasage with Shikiri, it makes you humble, and to align yourself with Oshieoya-sama’s feelings and ideas. I grew up in PL Holy Land, so to pray was second nature. But, I did not experience the true blessings in praying until I was over 40 year-old.

What is the difference between doing your Misasage just with your own strength and doing it with Shikiri. To give you an example in my own ways, to make a boat go forward, one way is to use an oar to paddle. You will move forward just as much as you paddle. A better option is to use a sail. If the wind blows into the sail, the boat will move forward like gliding on top of the water. I believe to do Shikiri is the sail that catches the wind that is called Oshieoya. By catching the wind with the sail (Shikiri), your timing with everything around you becomes better. A person who can help you do things will appear when you need them or receive the perfect tools to do what you are doing. It makes a great difference in your Misasage when you do and don’t do Shikiri.
Furthermore, because I do Shikiri, no matter what results I get, I can always believe that this will turn out for the beast due to the fact that I am riding on Oshieoya-sama’s wind.
During the Overseas Rensei, I believe that I was able to talk to you while you were waiting for the next lecture was because I was doing my Misasage with Shikiri. If you were able to have appreciations towards what I said, then it must be because Oshieoya-sama’s Shikiri was there. I have also expressed my intuition to other people as well. To do the Rensei Misasage is about accumulation of all your experience.
I believe that all staff who did Misasage did so with Shikiri to truly make the experience wonderful for all the PL members from overseas who came to Holy Land this year,
This is the reason why I became a minister and my state of mind doing my Misasage.
Thank you very much.



Wednesday’s greeting

Wednesday's greeting

Isn’t this a great quote. I read it once, then a second time, 10 words, well put together. Another way of say “Life is Art” the first PL Precept.
I dearly want you to meet Sensei Fukito Kimura, the minister I told you about in an earlier blog. From PL Holy Land in Tondabayasghi, Osaka,Japan. He found a way to communicate with me even though neither of us spoke the other’s language. No, not through a translator, on a one on one. ( I was in Japan for Rensei training, blog(s) would be back in early August for those of you wanting a re read)

I was so impressed with his sincerity,kindness and overall demeanor I asked Rev. Goto to ask him if I could communicate further with him once back in Canada.  He graciously agreed.  It has been a challenge, but I did manage to ask him to tell me how he became a minister with PL, and why.  He did write, (Rev. Euguene) our minister here in Ottawa) kindly did the translation for me.   Now here dear reader, is where one of my lessons in life, has to be put into practice. Somehow in the getting the file from the church to my computer it got corrupted.  Patience is one of the virtues, I have had to learn and practice, and to do it creatively =^_^=.  (Rev. Eugene is away)

Rev Kimura

Meet Sensei  Fukito Kimura, a young family man dedicated to his craft.  He had not thought of being a minister till well into the last years of his schooling.  Once that decision was taken, he never looked back.  He had a church, but was called back to the Holy Land headquarters to  work there.  He is the Coordinator of Rensei Training.  He derives great joy and sense of reward in what he does.  On the shy side, he at first appears reserved, but when you watch him in action, ensuring all runs smoothly for the many many attendees,  you realize he is focused on what he is doing.  He is living in the moment.  His words when he wrote were gentle and wise.

When I get the translation again, I will post his response in Japanese for those of you who read Japanese, because I believe that it will be a true reflection of Sensei Fukito’s words.  And the English translation.

I know today’s teaching was on the Value of Money and Things…  but I wanted to talk about the value of Friendships and how  a real connection with another person will always be through a sincere desire to reach out and embrace that person with a love that speaks from the “heart” 

Become a peace maker in life, a smile goes a long way, not everyone is lovable, we don’t always succeed at being gracious or kind, but we can all work towards a happier day. It begins with one tiny step at a time.

Emphasize on the inner spiritual energy of love and peace… Blessings all…

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