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Last day of March!

mirror,quiet lake viewThis is where I want to be………………………..I want to hear the quiet…………………….not the garbage truck doing its pick up outside my office window …………………….ahhhhh………………..I slept in, just got out of bed! …………………….here let me readjust my  head !

frozen falls 3

I do see bright sunlight out there….won’t be long now, all the snow will melt……. the water will flow freely again…… the grass will turn green………….flowers will bloom ……………..yes, yes.. I’m hearing a happy tune ……………………YA Y the hesitant moment is gone………I’m happy again…………………  I  closed my eyes and sincerely prayed…. Shikiri……. Shikiri.Mioyaookami (God, the source, power,TAO)         Oyashikiri……………… Oyashikiri …………… (special prayer to receive Oshieoya-sama’s (senior reverend minister ) blessing),   remember it is not the length of the “hook up” ……. it is the quality of the connection.

lotus blossom, by samlim

morning lotus flower by samlin


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Rev. Fukito Kimura

Finally I can  introduce you to Rev. Fukito Kimura, I am trying to get a better picture of him, and when I do I will post it.  This man is genuine, kind  and compassionate.   I mentioned him just the other day.  It has taken me awhile to present him to you because he speaks no English and I no Japanese.  He was kind enough to reply to my question,  how was it he became a PL minister.  For those of you who read Japanese, I will copy paste his response to me.  The training to be a PL minister is long and it is one of total dedication to the goals and philosophy of the church.  Reading his words, is not meeting him in person, but perhaps if you travel to Japan, you will look him up, or if you want to know about PL, talk to us here in the USA or Canada.

Rev Kimura

What follows are his words translated by Rev. Eugene (Ottawa  church)

One month has passed since Founders’ Day.
I’m very sorry to respond late in regards to your questions, Dymoon.
I will write the reason for becoming a minister.
I attended a university in Nara Prefecture after graduating from the PL high school. In 1987 when I was a senior in the university, I have not decided on what to do after graduation.
One day, a upper classman from my old high school dropped by that I was acquainted with. He asked me if I wanted to become a PL minister. I knew how hard of a work you put in as a PL minister and people around me was also expressed not becoming a minister, so I thought to myself that I would not cut it as a minister.
But, the upper classman’s request was very serious and he kept insisting for me to become a minister. What started to change my mind was the upper classman’s words of, “Let’s repay Oshieoya-sama.” That simple act of giving back for the blessings you received made more sense to me than looking for a job that I can do or want to do. By the end of summer (the school year in Japan is from April to March), even though I had many ideas of my future, I started to think that I might have regrets in the future if I don’t become a minister. Hence, I decided to become a minister.
In October of the same year, I went to take the entrance exam for the ministers trainee school together with the upper classman. And, I was accepted into the 26th Class of Ministers’ Trainee which started in April of the following year.
It would take too many spaces here to write everything, so I’m going to jump to the point where I met my wife and had 3 children.
My time in living in Holy Land has been long, but recently I had the opportunity to do Misasage at a church for 4 years. The Misasage at the church had change my views quite a bit towards other people and especially towards myself. It’s not that I was lazy, but through practicing my Mioshie and PL teachings, I learned the meaning behind what it is to overdo which I tend to do. At my current Misasage at the Rensei Department, it gives me great joy knowing that it is a continuous changes that happens and with that, we strive to make it so that it conforms with Oshieoya-sama’s feelings and ideas which will lead to the Rensei participants being able to appreciate.
The following is what I keep in mind while I do my Misasage.
That is, never forget to do Shikiri (prayer). To do Misasage with Shikiri, it makes you humble, and to align yourself with Oshieoya-sama’s feelings and ideas. I grew up in PL Holy Land, so to pray was second nature. But, I did not experience the true blessings in praying until I was over 40 year-old.

What is the difference between doing your Misasage just with your own strength and doing it with Shikiri. To give you an example in my own ways, to make a boat go forward, one way is to use an oar to paddle. You will move forward just as much as you paddle. A better option is to use a sail. If the wind blows into the sail, the boat will move forward like gliding on top of the water. I believe to do Shikiri is the sail that catches the wind that is called Oshieoya. By catching the wind with the sail (Shikiri), your timing with everything around you becomes better. A person who can help you do things will appear when you need them or receive the perfect tools to do what you are doing. It makes a great difference in your Misasage when you do and don’t do Shikiri.
Furthermore, because I do Shikiri, no matter what results I get, I can always believe that this will turn out for the beast due to the fact that I am riding on Oshieoya-sama’s wind.
During the Overseas Rensei, I believe that I was able to talk to you while you were waiting for the next lecture was because I was doing my Misasage with Shikiri. If you were able to have appreciations towards what I said, then it must be because Oshieoya-sama’s Shikiri was there. I have also expressed my intuition to other people as well. To do the Rensei Misasage is about accumulation of all your experience.
I believe that all staff who did Misasage did so with Shikiri to truly make the experience wonderful for all the PL members from overseas who came to Holy Land this year,
This is the reason why I became a minister and my state of mind doing my Misasage.
Thank you very much.


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