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I don’t know what struck a chord of anxiety more when the doctor first told me I had to face the fact that I was diabetic or when he suggested that insulin might be the best route for me to take.  My life had been spent thinking I lived a very healthy lifestyle.  No coffee, tea, pop, alcohol, I don’t smoke, have good lifestyle habits, bed  before midnight when I can, up early, exercise on a daily basis yada yada yada.  Still some years back the doctor sat me down and pulled out the results of my latest blood tests and a comparison chart and began showing me why I was well on my way to being diabetic.  Let me tell you the logical, intelligent me, suddenly became a very cautious, stubborn, and uncooperative patient.  I did not do what I tell my own client/patients to do.  I resisted and gave the doctor no amount of (now I realize) non productive reasons why I wanted to continue doing it my way.  My way being no drugs, just making changes to diet and whatever else I could do with my lifestyle.

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I’ll tell you now, it didn’t work.  A year later the doctor was again showing me numbers and comparing where my numbers should be and where they are,  One can only be obstinate for so long.  Once the D word had been given to me, I had to do a lot of soul searching, on how come I was having to deal with being Diabetic, like it was some awful curse, I had to bear.  I did talk to the minister and I prayed, I didn’t want it. Eventually I came to realize that my body needed help, and my mulish behaviour was counter productive.

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Diabetes is a silent killer.  Often the only way you know you are headed down the slippery slope is from your doctors diligence in yearly check up tests, and the comparison of results with the overall history of your  visits and what YOU tell him are your concerns.  It took the doctor several years to get me on the medications I needed to be on.  Once you are a diabetic you are (your health) is measured by a whole new set of numbers.
I won’t bore you with the ups and downs I had to live through before I  accepted that I was a type 2 Diabetic, and that medical assistance was needed if I was to continue living the lifestyle I wanted to,  Even when I could finally say I am  Diabetic, it took me some time to really really accept it as fact.  Skip forward now to a couple of years later.

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In praying to be a better person, to try harder to listen to the inner voice within me, I genuinely began seeking to improve myself, my momentum towards being more at ease with being Diabetic grew more positive and more balanced in my daily life.  So this past month when the doctor again used the I word (Insulin) I was open to the idea.  I was ready to open the door and walk out into the freedom of living with Diabetes and have it part of my life, not a burden I had to carry.  Is this a work in progress, I don’t really know, I can only take life a step at a time.  AND please don’t show this blog to Dr. Dy, he  will only comment that the pictures flatter me.  He has been a “saint” thought this journey with me.

Rev. Tiago spoke of  appreciation yesterday…. I really have true appreciation for my GP.

Always pray to become a better person.     Oyashikiri

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