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can we disappear

how medication /drugs can affect your life.

As a diabetic I have learned to never take for granted that what works today, will work tomorrow. We, like the Universe are always changing. Recently, you all know that due to my meds. I had a few days/weeks of oops and wow, darn, and golly.

Changes were made, and the waves took on a more realistic ebb and flow. However, it is never that simple. All the other pieces of “me” then have to adjust to the new ripples in what can be a very calm environment. One drug was changed, to be replaced by two. Sounds simple enough, and it will be once the body adjust. Meanwhile..we practice patience and relearn to stand still while what needs to happen .. happens.

It is in these times, that we give thanks, for the blessings we have had, and the love and the friendships that we have had enrich our lives over the seasons.

Let’s find the joy in everything. Are you looking for things to complain about> Let’s change our perspective and live a cheerful and joyful life.

Perfect Liberty 2020.25

Can we disappear, yes from view maybe, but from ourselves.. no. never.

Today is another day in our lives. For some, you are still enjoying a long week-end. for others it is back to a work week. Whatever, where ever you are. May you be blessed with the Universal love that surrounds us all.



death and dying

For me, mixed media 4.18.17

I was chatting with friend the other day,  since cancer is now factored into my life, we were discussing how people react to the word. It was interesting to note, that when I said that cancer was much like being told you are diabetic.  She did not agree.  Her reasoning was that cancer usually  meant death.  I understood that she felt that being diabetic your chances were much better. Diabetes is known as the silent killer.

We are born to die.  Death is something we all face.  A perfectly healthy person, can drop dead without warning.  Perhaps they were borderline.. high blood pressure, maybe it was cholesterol, or like my husband, out of nowhere, after living a lifetime with his heart, and never having a problem,  he was told, he  had an irregular heart beat and it was problamatic to his cancer treatments ?

I fail to see why cancer gets top billing, and why because someone gets the cancer card, it is deemed gloom and doom.  Sure there are difficult times, but someone with a gall bladder issue, will be driven almost insane with the pain that they endure till something is done about it.  A kidney stone,  is not a joking matter either.  And ladies, how about that 9th month party of labour pain and the utter joy of the delivery room.

Cancer is a wicked surprise, and it is a challenge, however, we still go to bed each night and wake every morning.  How we choose to make use of our time while we are awake and greeting the day, is our choice.  The love of life, and the understanding that this is not the time to squander our moments, means that life is full.  Love continues to grow and shine it’s light into our activities.

There is an appreciation of the blessings that we have been able to share, and continue to share.

There is no escaping death, whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, we are alive, and we will continue to live until the day/night comes when we go beyond what is here and now.  Then, we will be forever/always.

No more, no less.





diabetic fund rasier_001

Hey, how was your day?  Decided to drop in to the Diabetes Fund raiser in Second Life. It is a good cause, of course since I was there, I felt I should look around.  Found myself a fun costume.

diabetic fund rasier_008

I wasn’t ready to  do a lot, change worry about hair style etc. so you can see, I chose accordingly, the virtual world, is no different from our day-to-day, we still have to deal with choices.

diabetic fund rasier_012

My ribs are showing.  You can’t see how hard I had to resist having one of the special Halloween cupcakes I got for hubby.  LOL it was hard, but knowing I had just committed to not having dessert for a month, and I mean JUST….  I settled for the plastic spiders on the icing.

I actually took up needle and thread today, instead of applying more bond, or glue to the fabric piece I was working on.  I sewed the part of the roof that had not bonded properly to the background material

diabetic fund rasier_013

Now I’m at a dance with some fab music happening while I am busy sharing time with you.  Multi-tasking at its best.  You can see my avatar is dancing behind Nick, he and his wife Mel are dressed in identical outfits.   They are rather clever.  The party is just getting underway.  Will go and be social.  Meanwhile, we are ending October, tomorrow we start into a very busy month… some time soon we hope to here when the operations will be. I do know that we already have a lot of medical appointments set up for November.

Please understand if I am not as regular with my posts…. I will do my best, because sharing time with you all, is good for me.  Over the years, you have all inspired me at some time or another.  I love the connection we share.  You are all the best!!!


diabetic fund rasier_009

Here is looking at you… “wink”



I don’t know what struck a chord of anxiety more when the doctor first told me I had to face the fact that I was diabetic or when he suggested that insulin might be the best route for me to take.  My life had been spent thinking I lived a very healthy lifestyle.  No coffee, tea, pop, alcohol, I don’t smoke, have good lifestyle habits, bed  before midnight when I can, up early, exercise on a daily basis yada yada yada.  Still some years back the doctor sat me down and pulled out the results of my latest blood tests and a comparison chart and began showing me why I was well on my way to being diabetic.  Let me tell you the logical, intelligent me, suddenly became a very cautious, stubborn, and uncooperative patient.  I did not do what I tell my own client/patients to do.  I resisted and gave the doctor no amount of (now I realize) non productive reasons why I wanted to continue doing it my way.  My way being no drugs, just making changes to diet and whatever else I could do with my lifestyle.

Donkey jamie meares - flickr

I’ll tell you now, it didn’t work.  A year later the doctor was again showing me numbers and comparing where my numbers should be and where they are,  One can only be obstinate for so long.  Once the D word had been given to me, I had to do a lot of soul searching, on how come I was having to deal with being Diabetic, like it was some awful curse, I had to bear.  I did talk to the minister and I prayed, I didn’t want it. Eventually I came to realize that my body needed help, and my mulish behaviour was counter productive.

donkey, kate lilley

Diabetes is a silent killer.  Often the only way you know you are headed down the slippery slope is from your doctors diligence in yearly check up tests, and the comparison of results with the overall history of your  visits and what YOU tell him are your concerns.  It took the doctor several years to get me on the medications I needed to be on.  Once you are a diabetic you are (your health) is measured by a whole new set of numbers.
I won’t bore you with the ups and downs I had to live through before I  accepted that I was a type 2 Diabetic, and that medical assistance was needed if I was to continue living the lifestyle I wanted to,  Even when I could finally say I am  Diabetic, it took me some time to really really accept it as fact.  Skip forward now to a couple of years later.

donkey -opening gate

In praying to be a better person, to try harder to listen to the inner voice within me, I genuinely began seeking to improve myself, my momentum towards being more at ease with being Diabetic grew more positive and more balanced in my daily life.  So this past month when the doctor again used the I word (Insulin) I was open to the idea.  I was ready to open the door and walk out into the freedom of living with Diabetes and have it part of my life, not a burden I had to carry.  Is this a work in progress, I don’t really know, I can only take life a step at a time.  AND please don’t show this blog to Dr. Dy, he  will only comment that the pictures flatter me.  He has been a “saint” thought this journey with me.

Rev. Tiago spoke of  appreciation yesterday…. I really have true appreciation for my GP.

Always pray to become a better person.     Oyashikiri

donkey- smile    dailymail.co.uk



Donkey pix. Pinterest

last picture >dailymaial.co.uk


Spotless Mind Cafe

Spotless Mind Cafe

I’ve been struggling with my blood sugars. Headaches, fatigue and unease have been daily companions. Rev. Eugene was coming over today to pray with me and help give the meeting area a spiritual lift. Tomorrow I will host a prayer circle. Needless to say, I was dragging and not the liveliest of “hosts” prior to his arrival.
Some company and prayer soon put that right. I can’t say enough how much prayer can uplift and ease a tired “mind”.
PL minsters are always there for us. It is easy to forget just how powerful a consultation/meeting can be, certainly the “Universe” provided for me today.

A gift started my day ( of a call from Spain, =^_^=)  is it no wonder that when I took a tour into SL, I found myself at a place called Spotless Mind Cafe. Your calls, comments and e-mails have been so appreciated. I feel so very  blessed.

You can find the cafe at  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pure%20Dreams/151/119/21

Tomorrow is another day.  Thanks again for being there for me today.  I love you all… Today, tomorrow and always



Diabetic in denial

Diabetic in denial

I am a diabetic, I have known now for maybe 8 – 10 years. Yet not until today, did I get good instruction and educational information on what being diabetic means.
Knowing something, and acceptance are two different things.

I met with a certified diabetes educator and the pharmacist where I get my prescriptions filled. Both took the time, to go over with me what diabetes can do to a body over time, and what the medications are that help control symptoms and hopefully work so that the “patient” can live a balanced and healthy life.

I had asked for a consultation with the minister at church, and at that time I asked for a Mioshie.( Available to members this is a special request that is sent to Japan, where it is then prayed and focused on by special trained ministers. When the response comes back, it is given to you via the minister at the church, left with you to meditate and pray on the suggested lessons. Then there is further consultation with the minister to help you work through what will help ou to improve you situation.)  For more exact definition of what Mioshie is, we can have Rev. Eugene  explain it further?

My head is reeling with all the information that came at me today, one of the visual demonstrations of what is happening to my blood when my sugar levels are high, left no doubt in my mind that I would have to go back on the medication(s).  I have to go back to zero, and start with a lower dose of the one drug.  The others I will hold off on, till I see how this one drug does.  I don’t want the headaches back.  I took 1/2 a tablet at 4:30 pm and now at 6:50 pm, I’ve got a whopper of a headache.  So, down go 2 Tylenol, the stress of thinking of the start of another drug infestation is sending me running  for cover.  sigh.

Time to retreat – lay back – and allow my inner self to assimilate  the information I learned today.  I will try to “let go” and allow the voice of “divine wisdom” to filter through my human reaction to all of this.  Let go, Let GOD

photo -http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost%20Eden/45/21/21

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