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death and dying

For me, mixed media 4.18.17

I was chatting with friend the other day,  since cancer is now factored into my life, we were discussing how people react to the word. It was interesting to note, that when I said that cancer was much like being told you are diabetic.  She did not agree.  Her reasoning was that cancer usually  meant death.  I understood that she felt that being diabetic your chances were much better. Diabetes is known as the silent killer.

We are born to die.  Death is something we all face.  A perfectly healthy person, can drop dead without warning.  Perhaps they were borderline.. high blood pressure, maybe it was cholesterol, or like my husband, out of nowhere, after living a lifetime with his heart, and never having a problem,  he was told, he  had an irregular heart beat and it was problamatic to his cancer treatments ?

I fail to see why cancer gets top billing, and why because someone gets the cancer card, it is deemed gloom and doom.  Sure there are difficult times, but someone with a gall bladder issue, will be driven almost insane with the pain that they endure till something is done about it.  A kidney stone,  is not a joking matter either.  And ladies, how about that 9th month party of labour pain and the utter joy of the delivery room.

Cancer is a wicked surprise, and it is a challenge, however, we still go to bed each night and wake every morning.  How we choose to make use of our time while we are awake and greeting the day, is our choice.  The love of life, and the understanding that this is not the time to squander our moments, means that life is full.  Love continues to grow and shine it’s light into our activities.

There is an appreciation of the blessings that we have been able to share, and continue to share.

There is no escaping death, whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, we are alive, and we will continue to live until the day/night comes when we go beyond what is here and now.  Then, we will be forever/always.

No more, no less.




Comments on: "death and dying" (13)

  1. So much progress is being made that it give reason for lots of hope. Love to you both.

  2. Death comes eventually so it’s important to cherish each day.

  3. No bad diagnosis makes one happy. Type I diabetes is terrible, too, hence, one goes to sleep and it is unknown if they wake up, and the most terrible issue is low glucose or hypo. Every time it feels like passing out and that this is it.
    While there are treatments, they all have side effects. Europe offers a lot more options than North America. We could end cancer if everybody had access to genetic editing, thus, removing the mutations right from where they happened. We should put all research into genetic editing. Current treatments are slowly killing patients with chemo and radiation, I hope you have some good cure.
    It is, however, terrible to always depend on blood glucose drops and raises. I disagree that this is our choice because everything starts to mean those glucose levels. Nothing good about type I diabetes, while type II is treatable, and people can recover 100%. Taking injections and sticking fingers every single day. There were attempts to use implants of beta cells, but that is not safe, as well, because body can reject the implant and cause patient to die. They are working on artificial beta cells, in some 10 years type I diabetes could have cure also.
    Leukapheresis and the use of patient’s T cells in combination with killed cancer cells shows some progress in prostate cancer treatments, in breast cancer removing blood cells and then transplanting them back has been used also. Immune treatments are quite complicated yet, but they might be widely available soon. I know some people recovered with this approach. Stay strong!

  4. A sound philosophy

  5. Wise words… my best to you

    • Thanks Eliza, do you still have lots of snow? Did you get rain, there are areas where the snow has been washed away.. a tease I am sure.

      • We received a couple inches of snow today, but the base of icy snow has been steadily melting away. Yesterday was a delightful 63F, definitely a tease. I expect it’ll only be a few more weeks until it all melts away. Mud season!

    • looking forward to your spring photos… you always manage such beautiful shots when the blooms begin. waves..

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