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Colosso dell’Appennino


There are times in life when I can only sit, and look in wonder at what is before me.  This is a photograph found on pictify.com of a sculpture.  Colosso dell’Appennino in the Parco Mediceo di Pratolin near Florance Italy.  Sculptor Giamologna (1580)  credit given for photo is Dave Ellis.

Please allow me to share a poem with you by Margaret Ingall.

**Stillness is a doorway,

A space within the mind,

A place we may abide in

And leave the world behind

A realm of tender silence

Of nurturing and calm

Where hopefulness and healing

Enfold us in their balm

It waits for you to find it

Just let life’s hustle cease

And enter through that doorway

To wisdom and to peace.**

Day by day, find time to embrace the beauty that is in the world for us to see and enjoy.  We are on a journey of discovery, how we view our world will greatly impact on our perception of the life we are living.

PL Principle # 3 –  I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

Namaste –   Oyashikiri

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