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Friday – Happy Day!

Pippa in backpackGood morning,

Meet Pippa, she is a female Whippet who lives with her human parent(s).  You can see that in her very short time with them, she knows how to handle them so that life is extra good for her.  I’m told that she is a very patient and willing model, just look at that face.. her eyes are wise beyond her years.  A ride to work in a warm cozy wrap with a fall coloured whimsical cap –    she’s got style.  What better way to get around  and keep her pedicure and paws perfect for her lazy sprawl on the living room couch after a hard day.

Her owner graciously allowed me to share her pictures, Pippa can be found on Instagram, she is a raising star in the “diva dogs” on Instagram    pippa_g_thats_me  Pippa was born, in the spring of 2017 and lives in Austin TX.   If you enjoy a smile from time to time, she is a whippet you might like to follow.  She already  has a lot of followers, the numbers grow everyday.

Pippa young whippet 11.17

This is the picture that caught my eye.  I call it the Gatsby look.  Pippa is really good, if I tried to get Velcro or Keeper to sit and model, sigh, let’s just say, ” have you ever chased a hound when its got another place to be??”..Pippa you are a super model already, I look forward to following your career.  Your wardrobe attendant is going to be one “busy” gal.

You all know that this has been a very challenging year for me, I am so grateful and appreciate so much the kindness of you have shown “us”   The Thursday Door posts yesterday were just so varied and so interesting.  With cancer now part of our lives, we are home of course, much much more.  There will be no wandering the back roads, for a while, but I get to visit such fascinating places, and see so much through “your” eyes.

I wanted to share Pippa with you, because when she pops up on the screen, there is always a smile being shared.

Life is good, we are very blessed, the seasons give us blazing colours, shades of gray, brilliant whites and our views, stories and photographs all come together in a cornucopia of blessings, different for everyone, but there non-the-less.

PL Principle #3   I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

PL Principle #4  I will live with the spirit of Misasage (Devotion) working for the happiness of others.

“Do your best to live in harmony with the world around you.  Life will flow easily and gracefully  along with the current, gently caressing each adventure along the way.”  Q



Pippa’s pictures (her human)




One day follows the next. With the cooler weather, now when you are walking around downtown, the outdoor patios are taken down, the street huskers have gone inside, and the market vendors are dwindling down to the the last of the ” die-hards”. People are hurrying rather than lazily taking in the day, and some are already bundled up warding off the cold.
We can look out at the world or we can participate.

Mishirase > Divine warning, in the form of an illness, a misfortune, an accident, pain or suffering

PL teaches about “Mishirase”, which appears in our lives in the form of illnesses, injuries, hardships and natural disasters.  These Mishirase that could be considered unlucky, are in actuality, warnings given by the “Universe” to show us that we are  having a poor understanding of the “material/info” that we are being given, thus, we have difficulty expressions our “true” selves.  God may be showing us that we are overly attached to our own thoughts and are expressing ourselves “unnaturally”

Human beings are born with the ability to experience pain so they can avoid pushing their bodies beyond natural limits.  If you bend your finger too far back, you will experience pain,  a warning that to continue to push your finger past the point of pain would result in a broken finger.  In the same way, the “pains” we experience in life are “reminders from “God” that you are pushing something beyond what is natural.

Who belongs to the face that is looking out, or back at you?  In Canaille’s picture, you see her, you can tell she is a dog, if you look really hard, you can see Velcro in the background.  But the picture is of Canaille, its a face, who is she, and what does the face tell you/us.  I ask only because I have been faced with seeing the face that looks back at me every day.  Does the face you see, really tell you about who a person is, or was.  Yes I say was, because in life, whether we want to or not, we are constantly changing, some changes we orchestrate ourselves,  others are made for us.

For instance, can you tell when you look at me now that I was one of the first “Eurasians” (not even a term heard today in 2013) in television back in “my day”… I was a model, it was live TV, we had to run off stage and change behind a (barely private) screen.  My hands opened and closed a weekly show, each slice of bread was a credit.  I was Miss Jade East, somewhere there is a photo to attest to that.  Media was different back then. I’ve written for magazines and journals that are simply non existent now.  Too short for the high fashion runway, I was also considered too short for the assignments in the fashion houses, however my “look/beauty” was exotic for that time/period.  I was too young to know that I was part of a ground breaking era, television was new and exciting business to be in.  I simply lived it.

Living in the moment has been a super huge blessing in my life.  When one lives in the moment there are a lot of advantages in life, we live the moment and we move on.  Because we appreciate each and every moment, often the past is really “history” for us, and when we look back at what was, or what “personality/character” was playing the leading role, it is often with interest and curiosity, much like watching a rerun on television.

While out with a friend, she took a picture of me and later sent it to me.  That was weeks ago now, I’ve actually looked at it a few times now, each time I look at it, I wonder who I was on that day.  I look familiar, but I can’t say for certain it is me.  Yet physically it is, I’m sure Christianne didn’t snap a picture of a stranger that happened to be in her space at the time..

When I read the Pl teachingLet’s first Accept and Appreciate Things as They Are.  Even when dealing with someone you don’t like or when you are facing an uncomfortable situation, take a moment to first accept whatever comes your way.  There is always something that you can learn from these situations.  I take a look at Canaille’s picture, and of the one Christianne sent me, and muse out loud to you, hmmm is this woman really me,  Can I accept and appreciate all the “things” she is to me?  A good meditation for me today.

Thank YOU for sharing this moment with me… sigh, OK, I’ll post the picture of me.  why not… I have to stop hiding from the face that other’s see.

photo (3)

Drat haven’t found or learned how to make the picture smaller when I load it.  (see the part of me that wants to control is being over ridden by the Power that IS..)

UNBOUNDED BLESSINGS – now and always

photo of Canaille – Q

photo of Q -Christianne M  (Kemptville)

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