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Priceless !

Priceless !

Express Yourself Freely, Without Hesitation

Two great guys, traveling companions to Japan, My journey would not have been the same without them. I was traveling with their parents who I have come to know and love dearly.
This was really my first exposure for any length of time to these two gems. They took a ton of pictures which I can’t wait to see, it was so interesting to see Japan through their eyes. What interested them and how spontaneously they reacted and lived each moment in true PL fashion.

Both Seita and Waku were traveling to Japan to do “misasage”, (volunteer work at the training) and work they did once we arrived. They could fall asleep at the drop of a hat, and be awake and present in an instant.
Their sense of humour was their own, it was fun to watch and be part of their antics.
They were caring, responsible and simply a joy to spend time with.

 A P P R E C I A T I O N

There were many lessons & great moments during my pilgrimage to the Holy Land, these two young men were part of what made the journey so special.

When we appreciate the people in our lives, and everything that comes our way. We experience a deeper joy in life.

Live each day with excitement

PL teaching – Live Each Day With Excitement  > Challenge everything with enthusiasm.  You will be rewarded with joy and encounter happy occurrences.

I am back from the most amazing time away, where each and every day was a new challenge.  The rewards were many and the happy encounters and memories made, endless.  There is no way that I can begin to tell you, or share with you all that has happened to me in the last 9 days.  As I took in the country, the people, the environment, and all that went with the days and nights away in this remarkable country called Japan, I knew that it was a new chapter in my journey of self discovery. the images and sounds, the friends made, in one word, it was all profound.  A simple egg – became not just an egg, but a “wow”, the taste was different and the colour of the yoke was as bright as the sun.  Telling you this is so mundane, you had to be there, I thought a dye had been used, but I was assured that no this was the colour of the yoke in Japan.  Certainly in every other instance I had to see a yoke it was the same intense orange.

Be assured that as the days progress and my mind recovers from the jet lag, I will be recounting the many moments/insights and learning, much is still being assimilated and processed.  I was there to learn, I was on a pilgrimage, the Director of the International Office of PL – Rev. Tokuo Itagaki, and his team of assistants and staff did an amazing job.  the Rev. Fukito Kimura who coordinated the Rensei Training was outstanding.  It was a phenomenal experience.

There were hundreds of people there trying to communicate with one another, The main languages being Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish (Castellano), we were only 5 English, 4 USA and 1 Canadian (yours truly), we came together because of our faith and dedication to PL (Perfect Liberty).  

For the Founders Day Ceremony ( Kyososai), August 1. PL followers came by the bus load. We are talking of thousands of people who came to worship/pray and celebrate.  During service, as promised I held you all close to my heart so that  the blessings could be shared with you.  Oshieoya-sama’s presence brought total silence and reverence, it was totally awesome.    The flames spell out LIFE IS ART



Enjoy the changes in you life – Hello Everyone!

Enjoy the changes in you life - Hello Everyone!

Thursday! Yay! Remember dear readers that tomorrow I will be on my way to Japan. The time has finally arrived. I will miss you,  know that I carry you all in my heart,  you will be in my thoughts night and day. I will share news of Japan and my trip when I return.. A pilgrimage, a once in a lifetime journey for me. I’m very happy.

Things around us are constantly changing with the times. Take on the challenging and new experiences as materials for self expression. PL teaching.

Joy to the World!    Blessings all…

Flowers were a gift of friendship from very special friends  in Australia, a cherished memory

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