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DSC01445 in dreams the impossible seems out of reach we climb, stretch and jump towards our goal yet we are tethered to the ground                                                           our feet seem cemented in the past                                                                                                                                                                    how long will this journey last “who knows and who cares” says a voice inside my head                                                                                                                         ” I do, I do,”  says a quiet calmer voice from somewhere within                                    ” oh” says the mind,                                                                                                                                                                                                   “ YOU are still here”                               ”  of course”  the quieter voice replies,” I’m always here                                                                                                                         look down at your feet, they moved at the sound of my voice” The choice is to know that we are always moving forward, in time, once the moment is lived, we can never relive it, know this and move on. Let go, trying to hold on, only holds you back. When we trust and believe that we are here to progress and live our lives to the fullest, we are on the right track.

Blessings all, travel safe in your journeys  today.

Namaste – Oyashikiri

dodge vintage with matching camper Flickr

Hit the Road Jack……………… Vintage Dodge with matching camper. . (flicker.com)


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