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The gift of sharing


Downtown is a busy place.  At this time of year the boaters arrive to tour the capital.  From my vantage point on the bridge I’m spending a few lazy moments watching the world drift by.  Behind me is a huge shopping mecca for tourists and locals alike. And across the street from the shopping center is a quaint marketplace where the trendy come to shop and sit in outdoor cafes.  Tourists enjoy the Designer shops, and the Farmers Market all blended in one big “Happening” environment.

Ottawa is laid out like a patchwork quilt, with different sections of the city offering it’s own style and colour. Chinatown, Little Italy, Westboro, The Glebe, each has it’s very own flavour to tempt and delight the visitors eager for an authentic adventure.

Friendships are like our own version of a quilt.  I’ve learned to appreciate each and every friend in my life for the gifts they bring to my “world”.  In a recent conversation, a friend I’ve not seen in some time, was asking me about another friend who I probably have not seen in a couple of years.  I was talking about the special qualities and the love I have for the person when my friend interrupted and exclaimed,”but you aren’t currently in touch!  And that was years ago?”

Hmmm I found that an interesting reaction,  if I love someone today, I will love them tomorrow, love is an opening of one’s heart to another, and involves genuine caring.  If that person, leaves or moves along a different path, or for whatever reason, there is a parting.  Love does not cease and become past tense.  Friendships that are genuine and true, last a life time.  Sharing love, caring, & affection is not a commodity, it is a gift and should always be freely given.  Not for what you want in return, but because you truly care, unconditionally.


Good Morning Everyone – May your have a sunshine day.   Be Happy.    I love & appreciate you all.

Namaste   – Oyashikiri

nb* the bridge is behind the Rideau Centre the waterway is the Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Ontario,Canada

Flowers taken at the Experimental Farm, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

text and photographs – Q

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