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what will I do today

I will pray

I will walk in the sunshine

feel the sun on my face

and I will pray

when I am too tired

to walk, I will sit

in the shade

and I will pray

everything I do in life

is done with a prayerful mind

thank you God for the abundance

of love and joy in my life

thank you for the bounty at my table

and the gift of friends that care

please watch over

and provide for my friends & family

it is with gratitude in my heart

that I am beginning another day



Comments on: "prayer" (9)

  1. amplitudejoy said:

    thank you Q for the gift of reflection, of prayer, of friendship and of you.

  2. Reblogged this on Joyful Adventures and commented:
    This brought a smile to me today. Reminds me of another favourite caption/quote I came across a long time ago – ‘Prayer makes me feel healthy’

  3. I have a blueberry farm and spent 5 hours picking blueberries today. The entire time I thanked the bushes for the beautiful sweet berries that I was able to harvest. I am always so grateful for the abundance in my life. A perfect balance of berries, pickers and buyers.

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