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a wish was granted .

gift of life, Bob Moawad

Thank you, each and every one of you that got in touch with me with your prayers and loving energies.
The doctors advised the parents, that nothing more could be done, that young man’s wish for freedom from the bonds of life were granted.


Although I got to spend only a few times with this young man, I always  felt his kindness and soft gentle manner.  He may not have always been so with others, but my meetings with him were always a pleasure. He lost his granfmother a few years back, and his grandfather this past spring, he had a lot of suffering and pain around him.  It is not always easy to remain positive and strong when all around you are others fending off challenges of their own.


In his silence, he spoke volumes, was anyone listening?   We will never know what his thoughts were the last few minutes of his life, but we will remember the man who was a son, brother,uncle, nephew  and friend to those around him, who loved him then and love him now.

His passing will help others, who are facing doubt and anxieties themselves.  It will encourage those of us who knew this young man, to be more aware of other’s needs, and perhaps help us to be better listeners, even to the silence, the space between the words.


My dear nephew, I missed saying goodbye

you decided to simply leave to seek the freedom you so fiercely sought

I understand, I truly do, now you can be with “Mom and “Dad”

say hi, and let them know we are all coasting along here and doing our best

to not wail and cry that you’ve gone away,

of course, you know we will, cuz you were just that special kind of guy

who knew how to be a gem and a true gentleman, when you wanted of course

For sure I know how much your parents appreciated the help you were

during times when they were just not sure of how they would cope

with the burdens of life, there you were, able to help, and you did

you know now how much you are missed, and how much we do really care

wherever you are, whatever you are doing

be happy, and KNOW you are loved.

my only regret is that somehow we failed to let you know

just how much,

My memory of you will be the  last time we met, as we hugged in our shared momemt

of saying goodbye to “Dad”

You are physically gone, but you will not be forgotten.

Rest In Peace

Namaste        –        Oyashikiri

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Comments on: "a wish was granted ." (4)

  1. Nicely said. Always sad when such a tragedy occurs.

  2. Even for those of us who understand that being on the ‘other side’ is a wonderful life, we still remain behind in our humanness experiencing the physical loss of those we love. Sending you much comfort and love in this unsettled time for you and yours.

  3. Beautifully expressed.

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