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what! too soon!~!

some days, we find we our out of step with the rest of the world! Life happens!
Guess, we wait it out


Another layer of – now-
Time to chill!

make it happen

It was a cool day today, there was a strong wind, and few people on the beach. Being a Saturday of a long week-end, the last before we march into the fall season, I expected there would be more people

Nice and quiet. There would be more people … the cars were pulling in steadily, with the promise of sun for most of the day, the scene would change soon enough. After all, it was not yet nine a.m.

Don’t give up!

Stick with it, as many times as it takes. Sometimes you want to just throw in the towel and say, “I give up” but that is the time for you to dig deep and push through. Your sincere effort will invite a good outcome.

Perfect Liberty 2020.6


11th, Ancestors’ day.

Be thankful to your parents and to your Ancestors. You ae here today because the “torch of life” has been continuously passed down. Always remember to be thankful.

Perfect Liberty 2020.11

Live with peace in your heart. Love is the most powerful gift we can share.


found my copy of this book in the children;s section of a Value Village -in the States the shops go by a different name. Published in 2001


fallen soldier

I saw this tree – lying there supported by the under growth. My first reaction is to go in and pull it away from the younger trees, the newer growth. I would have had to have my work gloves with me, and proper footwear, but at another time, without the dogs with me. I would have attempted to rectify the situation.

Years have passed in my life, and I now recognize that the “solder” is down, and my limitations are what IS in that moment. Nature will deal with the situation, and in her own time frame, with the assistance of the “world” around.. either workmen who come in to clear, or the animals in the forest who jump over or trample a path nearby.. the aging process… decay.. whatever, it will heal itself. Life does that.

I need to take care of me, and look more at what my needs are. What I can do something about. See the tender young shoots that are breaking through, eager for a new season of growth. Even though the day was not perfect for sunny pictures…. my camera captured, what WAS at that moment, and for me that was “perfect”

Take on the task even though you’re busy You’re busy because you are needed. Actively, positively and creatively juggle yur time to fit the new task in.

Perfect Liberty 2020.7

I would like to take this opportunity tho thank my readers, friends, and loved ones, who share this journey with me. Without you. Life would not be the JOY it is. You are my “blessings” I so appreciate you.



Silent Wednesday

Let’s find the joy in Everything…. Are you looking for things to complain about? Let’s change our perspective and live a cheerful and joyful ife.

Perfect Liberty 2020.25



it happens, this feeling we just can’t shake

The waiting, the feeling of being abandoned. Not trusting our loved ones, family, friends, with our fragile state of mind. It happens. Everyone, at some stage of their journey faces uncertainty, anxiety. That feeling that you are alone.. it’s real.. to YOU. it is YOUR reality.

Only YOU can turn to your inner self, reach in past the clutter and debris that has shaped this isolation. In Perfect Liberty, we are given the tools and the support to help us, find our way.

PL can teach us how to correct our negative mental habits to improve our state of mind in order to live a healthier and happier life.

Perfect Liberty

Perfect Liberty is world wide, For someone or a church nearest to you, North American Headquarters is, Los, Angeles, in Torrance CA. (310 )328-4861

In Canada we are in Ottawa,Ontario (613) 225-1850 – Sr. minister Rev. Eugene Hayashi, and 4 Hokyoshi (assistant ministers) Japanese, Brazilian, French, and of course English

We are here for YOU.


PL Precept # 10 Love Yourself and Others

a wish was granted .

gift of life, Bob Moawad

Thank you, each and every one of you that got in touch with me with your prayers and loving energies.
The doctors advised the parents, that nothing more could be done, that young man’s wish for freedom from the bonds of life were granted.


Although I got to spend only a few times with this young man, I always  felt his kindness and soft gentle manner.  He may not have always been so with others, but my meetings with him were always a pleasure. He lost his granfmother a few years back, and his grandfather this past spring, he had a lot of suffering and pain around him.  It is not always easy to remain positive and strong when all around you are others fending off challenges of their own.


In his silence, he spoke volumes, was anyone listening?   We will never know what his thoughts were the last few minutes of his life, but we will remember the man who was a son, brother,uncle, nephew  and friend to those around him, who loved him then and love him now.

His passing will help others, who are facing doubt and anxieties themselves.  It will encourage those of us who knew this young man, to be more aware of other’s needs, and perhaps help us to be better listeners, even to the silence, the space between the words.


My dear nephew, I missed saying goodbye

you decided to simply leave to seek the freedom you so fiercely sought

I understand, I truly do, now you can be with “Mom and “Dad”

say hi, and let them know we are all coasting along here and doing our best

to not wail and cry that you’ve gone away,

of course, you know we will, cuz you were just that special kind of guy

who knew how to be a gem and a true gentleman, when you wanted of course

For sure I know how much your parents appreciated the help you were

during times when they were just not sure of how they would cope

with the burdens of life, there you were, able to help, and you did

you know now how much you are missed, and how much we do really care

wherever you are, whatever you are doing

be happy, and KNOW you are loved.

my only regret is that somehow we failed to let you know

just how much,

My memory of you will be the  last time we met, as we hugged in our shared momemt

of saying goodbye to “Dad”

You are physically gone, but you will not be forgotten.

Rest In Peace

Namaste        –        Oyashikiri

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