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it happens, this feeling we just can’t shake

The waiting, the feeling of being abandoned. Not trusting our loved ones, family, friends, with our fragile state of mind. It happens. Everyone, at some stage of their journey faces uncertainty, anxiety. That feeling that you are alone.. it’s real.. to YOU. it is YOUR reality.

Only YOU can turn to your inner self, reach in past the clutter and debris that has shaped this isolation. In Perfect Liberty, we are given the tools and the support to help us, find our way.

PL can teach us how to correct our negative mental habits to improve our state of mind in order to live a healthier and happier life.

Perfect Liberty

Perfect Liberty is world wide, For someone or a church nearest to you, North American Headquarters is, Los, Angeles, in Torrance CA. (310 )328-4861

In Canada we are in Ottawa,Ontario (613) 225-1850 – Sr. minister Rev. Eugene Hayashi, and 4 Hokyoshi (assistant ministers) Japanese, Brazilian, French, and of course English

We are here for YOU.


PL Precept # 10 Love Yourself and Others

Comments on: "anxiety/depression" (6)

  1. If it didn’t there would be something awry with us

  2. Many cases of anxiety and depression can be cured without medications and even consulting.
    Big deal is not to over-analyze every smallest emotion and every glance somebody puts one’s way. I think sometimes people are in so much doubt about everything.
    What would you do 30 years? No internet, in the middle of kind of nowhere? You’d put yourself together and go out and work harder until the fears, scares and heart palpitations go away.
    Such conditions belong to the hardest ones to diagnose and they frequently appear as accompanying factors of medications as well as conditions, like high or low blood pressure, high or low blood glucose levels, insomnia, extreme stress for long periods of time, overworking and over-exhausting oneself, as well as simply a side effect of dehydration, malnutrition even when the person eats, but eats stuff which doesn’t contain essential nutrients, lack of fresh air and numerous hours spent staring at a screen of a device.
    A person prone to such conditions simply have to organize their life, sleep, diet and work.

  3. It’s true that we have to take responsibility for our own mental and physical health. It can be a lonely little path sometimes.

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