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Silent Wednesday

Let’s find the joy in Everything…. Are you looking for things to complain about? Let’s change our perspective and live a cheerful and joyful ife.

Perfect Liberty 2020.25


Wordless Wednesday





moment of silence





a silent moment



taken by Atsuko Tsuji in Japan Jan.26.16

PL day 9 2015  Don’t be swayed by the past; it is what you do from now on that counts  Your failures as well as your successes are now in the past.  Always look towards the future and start with a fresh outlook.



Thursday Doors -Sounds of Silence 3


Even closed and silent

a door will tell a story


like people

they are all unique

we need only

stop and listen

Namaste        –       Oyashikiri


Really another Friday!

stillnessGood Morning everyone!  Bonjour!  How can it be Friday again so soon…..  isn’t this a fantastic photo, the photographer captured not only the moment, but his/her framing, depth and vision produced an image that evokes stillness and tranquility.  I can actually feel the quiescence of the moment, it  imparts a state of quietude that I not only see, but feel.  The picture holds my attention, I am captured by and  lost in the moment.  The photographer is an artist, who balanced the visual  of the scenery before his/her eyes, with what he/she wanted to present. This required focus, (mindfulness).  Once captured, the image had to be studied and conceptualized, so that the cropping would  reflect the artists rendition of that moment in time.

So much went on behind the scenes of this photograph, and the moment you and I are now sharing. Because of this, we are able to share in a moment of silence together,  and delight in moment of appreciation.  Let us try to put a prayerful mind, and our hearts into everything we say and do today.  When you look at someone today – look deep into their eyes and silently say, The light of the Universe in me, salutes the light of God in you.    Blessings all,   Oyashikiri

Red Rock Lake and Falls by Haigh Trails on Flickr

Love is universal – I love YOU

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Enjoy Life!

Enjoy Life!

Enjoy your friends, be playful, listen to music that “speaks” to you, & has you “groovin”  What were some of the fun things you wanted to do when you were younger? Have you done them?  You still wanting to explore the possibilities?
Do you allow your creativity to speak, or do you try to mold it into what you think will sell, or be appreciated by others?
Take time today to count your blessings.
Listen or look at what you are producing now, does it give you goose bumps?
Does your creative work bring you joy?  Are the results, soul satisfying?

In PL, one day a month, we come together to celebrate our blessings, we call the celebration  Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving is on the 21st of each month.
If you are in the area, please join us.
We are all artist in life, all thing come to fruition when the heart and the object (form) are in accord with one another

PL Precept #2    To Live Is to Express One’s Self..     

When listening not with the ear, but with the spirit, one perceives subtle sounds.  The deepest sound is silence. (Dao)

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