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11th, Ancestors’ day.

Be thankful to your parents and to your Ancestors. You ae here today because the “torch of life” has been continuously passed down. Always remember to be thankful.

Perfect Liberty 2020.11

Live with peace in your heart. Love is the most powerful gift we can share.


found my copy of this book in the children;s section of a Value Village -in the States the shops go by a different name. Published in 2001

Comments on: "11th, Ancestors’ day." (3)

  1. What a great idea to be mindful of one’s ancestors. We owe everything to them.

    • good morning. we do… the news coming out of the USA these days seems to be very unsettling, are you ok in your State?

      • Thank you for your concern. New Hampshire is a good place to be these days. I also take a lot of precautions. I’m a bit concerned about what the return to school will look like in September.

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