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Psalm 62:8

Hello everyone.. How are you today… Bom dia

We’ve just had a few days where in North American, many celebrated Thanksgiving, especially in the States,  With people being as connected as we are with social media, Canadians, got to enjoy another taste of Thanksgiving with American friends,  Thanksgiving, also heralds the beginning in earnest of the holiday season.  Yes, stores have been playing Christmas songs, but the big event in both Canada and the USA has been Black Friday.  commercials, marketing, merchandising, sell, sell, sell.

I heard not a peep about how and why Thanksgiving came about. Or the teachings of being grateful for what we have, instead it was all about, how much more can I get for my dollar.  The news carried stories of where to go to get the best deals. One slick commercial after another.


As we enter into December, we will get more and more reruns of the Xmas past, and the films that come out each year about Santa Clause and the North Pole

In PL (Perfect Liberty) we believe that “Life is Art” Precept #1

PL Precept # 11 is always be with God

and PL Precept 3, is God appears through One’s Self.

It is very difficult to feel a quiet and a peaceful state of mind.  Every moment that happens between the movie, film, program whatever we are watching, is all about spending, seeing how much money you can spend, how to acquire another material object.  Not to mention,killings,stabbings, violence, and of course, humanitarian projects for people thousands of miles away, while we ignore the hunger,homeless and discriminations/ persecutions right here in our own backyard.

That said, I know that we all hunger for that silent time, the moment that is ours, that is not being bombarded with senseless chatter or music that rather than soothe is jarring .

Perhaps it is because it is late, (early morning) but the Psalm came .. it drifted into my thoughts..  Psalm 62:8.. is about putting your trust in God.

It is a reminder to let go of agitations, to surrender the nattering mind to a “divine” state.

To let healing loving thoughts take control of your tongue, to think before speaking, to support and cheer others on.

PL is non denominational, we appreciate the language of Love/ God however it is spoken and lived.  We are all unique, and need to express and walk with  God in our own way.


I never walk alone

you are always with me

with love in my heart

I am in step with you

you are my life,

invade it

fill it, transform it

With God/Love, nothing is impossible

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri




Comments on: "Psalm 62:8" (5)

  1. great post, lovely pics.

  2. I so agree with your precepts and thank you for sharing what you do with us. And I can understand why this Psalm came to you. For it is calming and loving in a world currently filled with chaos and yes, encouragement to focus on things that do not really serve us.

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