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Je t’aime ~

garden past

garden sprite tell me true

what will the morning bring

when the sun shines high in the azure sky

bathing the world in a light so bright

will I find my love come night

silly child how will you find

something you have not lost

you need only look

deep into your heart

to see and feel the love

that constantly beats

with each pitter patter of your heart

je t’aime, je t’aime

true love has no beginning and no end

gone with time

Namaste      –       Oyashikiri

PL Precept # 11  Always be with God

Comments on: "Je t’aime ~" (5)

  1. Those wise sprites!

    • the sprite is one of my garden sculptures, I see that the winter has been been kind to him this year, thanks for the smile,, I went through a period of sculpting with media and driftwoods

  2. I talk with the fairies on my land every day and thank them for their guidance in my outside work with nature. They like jelly beans you know! 😉

    • my little guy was happy to see that I finally got to him to set him up, he’d fallen over on the meditation stool; He came through another winter… his brother is on the top of a 4×4 near the back door, birds have been inside his head rearranging it for?? I sculpted the heads with an apoxie product, they’ve been out there for years, nothing, then last year, the woodpeckers started to work on the outside of the face… and now what looks like a chick-a-dee and his mate are doing a reno inside… oh my.. I have gone on… sorry.. thanks for the morning smile

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