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simplicity – white


As we drove along, the winding road seemed to disappear into a wall of fog.  There was a surreal atmosphere of quiet that wrapped itself around the truck.  We paused in our conversation to take notice of our surroundings.

Suddenly ahead we saw flashing lights.  2 men were standing by a truck, the drivers side door was open.  One man wore a bright yellow vest with a big fluorescent red X emblazoned on his back.  As we watched, he helped the other man put ona imiliar vest..  Ahead of the stopped truck was a big lit up panel blocking the way,  It too sported a big red X.

Slowing down, my husband rolled down his window… the one man who was already dressed in the special outfit, walked over to the truck, asking us where we were headed. When told where we were headed, he said, that we could go no further on the road we were on, but needed to take a detour that would be identified  when we turned the truck around.

My husband ever the news-hound, asked for information, and surprisingly we were told that there was a man with a weapon barricaded up ahead, and the whole area was cordoned off…  As we made our way to the detour, we thought about what we had been told.   Here we were out for a leisurely drive, content in our “world” and minutes away, was a very serious scene being played out.  Children were involved, the “suspect” was holed up in an area very close to a school.

This is very serious, we knew it was happening, but there was nothing we could do but proceed with our own “day” and let the “drama” play out as it may.  This was early afternoon, we later heard on the news, that the incident ended shortly after 5, no one was injured.  Maybe not physically, but what kind of “mental” stress was placed on the people who were involved in the incident.

On our way back, the fog had lifted, and the sun was shining.  It brought home for me, how important it is to live each moment with appreciation.  We never know what is around the corner.


PL Precept # 18   Each Moment is a Turning Point


NB* we had a wonderful drive, the detour proved to be a meandering back road that was delightful. WE did get to Montebello, my sister, was able to tick the destination off of her to see list. In life, there is always BALANCE . and as noted, by the time we were heading back, the sun was shining and skies were blue.

Comments on: "simplicity – white" (13)

  1. Life is confusing isn’t it.

    • and We are part of the mystery… that is why we can only live in the NOW.. Love/peace begins within … waves to her precious friend.xxxoo

  2. That’s terrifying so glad you’re okay. You never know where life will take you, all you can hope for is a happy, peaceful day.

  3. thanks Marje, it helps us, or me to remember that while my life is happy, and basically very serene… it is not so for everyone, which means I must work harder to bring happiness around me whenever I can..=^_^= and to show appreciation and be grateful for what comes into my life.

  4. Moz Loordes said:

    You never know what you’ll come across. It’s interesting to see how you were both so well protected. Fortunately you could put your silent attention on the problem. That solves a lot. ❤

    • PL Precept # 11 Always be with God.. smiles, when we are aware of the love in our lives and try to share that with others.. I strongly believe that the Universe is vast, yet embracing.. I think you know just what I mean.. warm hugs xxxoo

  5. My heart is in my throat after reading this…wow. I’m glad it all got sorted out but your right, there were injuries even if they can’t be seen. This sounded like something I read in American news all the time not Canadian! Much love to you and your husband today.

    • My dearest friend, love is all around us, it is unfortunate that often times we are reminded that there are those who need the warm security of a loving heart .. and that is when I pray that goodness will succeed, instead of false and fear tactics that some like to employ
      sends loving hugs your way.. muah

  6. amplitudejoy said:

    yes so true. Each day as it’s store of treasures and hardships. Thank you for sharing a slice of yours 🙂

  7. Beautiful photos thanks

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