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haunting beauty

IMG_7392walks in forgotten places

the whisper of the leaves

as they are temporarily displaced

by intruding footsteps

on the well-worn path

the memory haunts me

the path remains, but you are gone

no longer will we explore the unknown

for you have gone into the unknown

You have found peace forever more.

While I wait on the shore

listening for signs, that on earth, one day

peace and happiness will be found around the world

Till then, the haunting beauty will remind me of home

and the comfort of unconditional love, beyond here and into the unknown.


PL Precept #14      World Peace is everything

PL Precept #15        All is a mirror


photo hT9

Comments on: "haunting beauty" (8)

  1. An excellent metaphor

  2. Our paths of thought seem to be crossing each other. The word haunting came up for me just yesterday in my numbers to words meanderings. You are a beautiful soul Dymoon. I hope you are having a wonderful day as this finds you.

  3. Memories are a caress on the heart. This is a beautiful walk with eternity.

  4. Lovely! Just lovely!

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