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bears, made with love

6F7C6A07-65AC-49AB-899C-E182C4A0D52FBom dia, Greetings..

On the 21st of each month, we celebrate with a special service, it is the most important service of the month.  We give thanks for the teachings of PL that help us by giving us the tools (Precepts and Principles) to help us navigate the world around us.  With gratitude we reflect on what was, and what will be.

Service will begin at 7pm, if you cannot be at the church for the service, please pray with appreciation at home 7:00pm

PL calendar day 21   A thankful person will grow as an individual

When you are able to have a thankful attitude, you will be blessed with good intuition and more enthusiasm which will continue to move things in a positive direction. 



photo -Hillwalker

Comments on: "bears, made with love" (2)

  1. I used to sew fleece dogs in the shape of our Sam. I would put a love note from him in the space of where his heart would be. These bears remind me of doing that. They are adorable.

    • thank you, my Mother spent hours even when she was going blind, doing the bears, they went to homes almost as soon as she got them done.. these were the last batch, thankfully my nephew, took pictures

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