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so succulent… the greens and beans so crisp.

PL calendar day 8 (2019)

First, Accept Everything

Life is filled with moments, sometimes happy and at times inconvenient.  It is important to first accept every situation as it occurs and try to accept and understand it for what it is. 





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  1. Deborah Lobban said:

    Please don’t leave us hanging… what is the dish and did YOU make it?

  2. Moz Loordes said:

    Yummy food!
    I’m trying to understand that precept but I’m having difficulty. There are quite a few situations that are absolutely awful and to accept them, yes you can do that simply for the fact that they have happened and you can’t deny that they have. But to understand them is sometimes impossible and what if you have to accept a situation that is untenable and frankly wrong? Wouldn’t it be better to alter such a situation for the better, if you could? Maybe I’m not reading it right or something.

    • hi there. your first sentence says it. Some situations are awful, but what is, is, you need to accept your reality of the situation, before you can move on, or make changes. Sometimes it is days, months even years, before a light goes on… meanwhile.. if we live the moment, and move on… we learn to let go of what we cannot change, so that life takes on a more positive light. What is wrong for us… could be right for someone else. We are all different and unique. does that help? Wish you were here so we could have an actual conversation.

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