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Hula Hamster JOY

hula hamster xyThis precious handmade hamster, makes my heart sing.  She puts a smile in my heart just by sitting there smiling back at me.

hula hamster xThe last few days have been difficult for me.  I have found myself drifting into a state of “low drive and little interest ”   When I could I retreated to my bed,  the quiet of a darkened room and the desire to sleep.  My sleep mates were only too happy to crawl under cover and enjoy time out from the weather that was raging outside.

Today I had to go out, there were errands that needed doing, so after a lazy start to the day, I took myself off to do what needed doing.  When I arrived at the church I was surprised with JOY, the adorable Hula Hamster.  Oh what a gift.  I melted and was totally taken in by her charm.

Loving caring friendships are priceless.  JOY lifted me out of the shadows , back into the sunshine.  Olinda weaved a magic spell,   I am blown away. Thank you.  I am reminded that in life,  in a split second, the sun can break through the clouds, and all is right again.

hula hamster joyI am so blessed.  The Universe always comes through for me, when I allow myself to stumble, my friends are there reminding me, that LOVE, is always with me.  God is Love, Love is GOD and we are all ONE



Hula Hamster is handmade and I love her.

Comments on: "Hula Hamster JOY" (11)

  1. She is adorable! I can see why you love her. What a kind friend you have. 🙂

  2. That hula hamster is quite cute. It is a gift of love which means a lot, no doubt. God’s love is uplifting and everlasting so there is a lot to appreciate in life. 🙂

  3. Nice to see you battling through it

  4. amplitudejoy said:

    Dear Dymoon, the hamster is adorable. Olin day surely knows you to offer you this. I am glad that this offering brought joy to your heart and mind. The warmth of friendship is delightful. My friendship for you hasn’t been very present these days. My heart goes out to you but my body doesn’t always follow. I am folded onto myself a lot, repairing, replenishing some energy that I have sometimes scattered and sometimes gratefully given away. These next 4 days I am in Montreal. I have a free room again at my friend’s rooming house. It’s cozy and I brought my massage table to spoil her a little tomorrow night. I will leave you with this hoping that today will retain all the warmth you have gathered yesterday. I love you Christianne


  5. Moz Loordes said:

    Awwws! Just a sweet word or two from a friend can make your whole day brighter, maybe it’s something you hadn’t thought of, maybe it’s a hug or a gift… at any rate, the effect we have on each other can be so positive ❤

  6. Stephanie said:

    I needed this today

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