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running or standing still

Good morning =^_^= if you have been with me along this journey for some time, you may recall this photo. It was taken around the time my husband passed away. The car was totaled. Ask me today, anything about that time, if I was hurt, what happened.. it will be two years in the spring, yet I can only give you a vague recollection. I would have to stop, and think back, focus on that time. I won’t do it. Why, because the Universe saw me through that time period. Now, I am living the experiences and adventures of today. “be in the now” (PL)

Outside the hospital after we knew it was terminal

What I hold dear is the memory of the many years we had, the blessings that our togetherness was strong, that we held on to the Oneness that was US.

We loved most the moments we could share in tranquil places we found along the way.

Are you running or standing still, are you dreaming or living your precious moments here on earth. ?? When you are faced with the turmoil and challenges of outside elements that want nothing better but to cause destruction. Are you able to say.. I have my quiet place. There is genuine love in this world, and step by step, inch by inch, those who believe in love and the UNIVERSE in and around us… will live in PEACE .

You have a choice…


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  1. You know, there are times when you really don’t have a choice. There are times when the events or circumstances are so shattering, you have no choice but to be shattered. There does come a time when you have a choice between making a first gesture toward regaining wholeness or refusing to make that gesture. THEN, you have a choice. I think, myself, that if one chooses to be unshatterable, maybe one is denying a bit of one’s humanity? What is it they say? “It’s the broken places that let the light shine through”?

    • that is true an din pl we call this Kanwaza, something happens and we are shattered, devastated, the comfort line is “broken”.. in PL, we learn to accept what happens, to do our best to understand it, and move on. If you have never been broken, you have never truly lived. sending love … thank YOU so much for sharing your thoughts with me.

  2. There are times to feel the devastation and then time to move past it and live for the now and future.

    • Hi Eilene, getting a late start to my day.. how novel.. I’m letting myself sleep in..The dogs have graciously been good about it.; How are YOU? healing well?

      • Good morning! I’m a little slow going myself. The leg is progressing well. Other issues have me sidelined. It will get better, I’m sure. Sunny, cold, beautiful day here. I walked the dog (very short walk) yesterday! First time since October. It was so nice.

  3. So true, to be human is to be fragile and vulnerable and to struggle and be shattered at times. Going through my divorce and all that went with it, made me feel as though I could surely not go on, how was it even possible. I made a conscious decision, an intention, to be okay in the end no matter the outcome, even though it felt like that was just not possible. I also look back now and it is a blur, because even though it was such a dark and terrible place, my life has grown around that black hole. I allowed my intention to get better to be my inner compass, I trusted my intuition, even though there were many days where I could not even get out of bed never mind run a business and be there for my children. I held onto my intention, repeating it like a mantra, through the tears and through the grey days. Even though I never want to go through anything like that again, and who would choose the storms and tribulations that we all go through, the long struggle through it has shaped and grown my character. I have learnt just how resilient I can be. I have learnt that suffering is part of life, that there is a time to grieve through it and then a time to heal and get to the other side.

    • thank you for sharing .. I really appreciate your input. good morning, a start to a new day for me. waves across the miles…

  4. Grieving and recovery – the cycle of life

  5. Well said….may we continue to guide each other forward through the challenging times….blessings to you for all that you do.

  6. Thank you for giving us something to ponder and help us grow from your pain. How we relate to events and the world around us is an ongoing exercise.

    • Thank you Dan, welcome to the “family” I have always enjoyed your “vision of the world” . =^_^+… just getting ready to do my Thursday Doors post. waves a cheerful hello…

  7. Thank you for the generosity of encouragement. It is beautiful to see you rejecting self-pity and embracing something greater. I love your avatar.

    • Thank YOU so much…happy first day of March… time marches on.. smiles and waves a warm fuzzy hug your way..

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