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8th July

Always be true to yourself

Good morning everyone, yesterday was a very busy day, thought I’d share a bit of it with you. I’ll also be posting this article in the Virtual News 8 blog. Lessons we learn along the way are many, yesterday, I enjoyed sharing time with friends in the virtual world of Second Life. It was a reminder of how being with friends and sharing pastimes, and interest, listening to good music and just “chilling” can make for an awesome visit.

My good friend and “sister” in SL is Yume Yoshikawa, she is a FT DJ in SL and has been for absolutely years. We go back to 2007. Where I have been mostly a builder, doing builds, designs and selling my line of clothes, she was and is always working her talents as a music buff who shares her gift of music spinning in the best clubs in SL.

The first picture on top was taking at a Japanese fair, Japonica, where one could enjoy seeing the many cultural displays and merchandise

SL allows the artist in us to play, We can be as creative as we want, what we don’t know, we can learn, there are mentors who will take the time to teach new comers how to live, work and play in this virtual environment. Then there is the entertainment side.. you will find live music performers, dancers, story tellers – there is a whole area where you will find Theater plays, poets, art gallery displays, the world spans the globe..(club members)

Yesterday early in the day I was at Japonica, which you can see was all about Japan and Asian culture. I could just as easily been visiting another part of the world and enjoying what is being offered by the community of artists who want to share their country/history etc.

Not everyone who visits SL is an artist, but definitely “explorers” The diversity in a virtual environment is so multi faceted, you can explore every dimension of YOUR BEING, You can fly, you can dance, you can visit ancient ruins, learn about Space travel, visit Native American tribal lands of days gone by, voyage on the Titanic… the list goes on.

First, accept everything. Life is filled with moments, sometimes happy and at times inconvenient. It is important to first accept every situation as it occurs, and try to accept and understand it for what it is.

Perfect Liberty 2019.8

You can become more attentive with prayer. Live your life with a prayerful mind so that you can be more attentive and make the people around you that much happier.

Perfect Liberty 2020.8
friendships span the globe

PL Precept # 9 Human beings are all Equal

PL Precept #14 World Peace is Everything. Oyashikiri


FogBound blues Club – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue%20Moon%20Bay/183/64/27

DJ Yume’s schedule

Mon. – OFF
Tues. – 6PM – 8PM SLT: Fogbound Blues catch special show on the 14th July
Wed. – 7PM – 9PM SLT: Tango’s (Various)
Thurs. – OFF
Fri. – 5-7PM Fogbound Blues
7PM – 9PM SLT Tango’s (Latin Sizzle)
Saturdays – OFF
Sundays – OFF

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