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I absolutely love the creativity I find in SL (Second Life) This is someone’s build that is currently on view for people to explore and appreciate. If you are in the SL community, this is the url to explore “The Mist” http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Mist/163/133/22 Please note this is an Adult sim. In the land of darkness and the time of demons reign, there was a Kingdom called The White Winged.That was the name of the mist land, Come Explore The Story And Meet The Land’s Heros,

like a moth to a flame
the hypnotic atmosphere, captured my senses

When you visit, you can set your environment settings to whatever “resonates” with you. I did not have a lot of time to explore… I made the most of the time I had, capturing the various builds that caught my “eye”.

In life we can be many things. The beauty of SL is that it allows our creativity to be expressed in endless ways. You many not participate in the wonders of virtual platforms, but you still have the opportunity in life to express yourself. When we give voice to the wonders within our “minds” we allow growth. We encourage new thoughts, and make way for new discoveries.

Express yourself today. Share your smile, your knowledge and your visions.


In PL Life is Art…… We excel and grow when we live the PL WAY.

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