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weather worn and weary, now long gone disintegrated returned to dust.

Dust, dust is everywhere, I see it on my paint brushes, on the floor and on the walls. I actually bought a brand new duster the other day. Really pleased with it I was. Pretty little thing, yellow and white. I especially liked the fact that it had 2X more fibers to trap and lock the pesky dust. The text on the packaging said, it “grabs the dust and don’t let go…” the special coated fibers.

I can hear the laughing and the contained chuckles of my friends who know how much I like being domestic. But, hey, the bright egg yoke colours with the soft muted white of the fluffy dusters caught my attention. So I brought the silly thing home. Even gave it a try. The dust does cling to the fluffy parts, but they do drop off easily enough when you whack it on the stair rail outside… then you have dust all over the snow. hmmm Anyway, I guess it works.

Problem is… its two days later, and I wanted to give it another go… and guess what, I can’t find it. I’ve lost it already. Most puzzling. YES… I have looked.. in obvious places. I mean where does one put a duster, it has a long handle with a head that can articulate. SIGH, =^_^= guess I’ll have to let the dust sit a little longer.

O seu sorriso anima a todos – Your smile energizes the people around you

Perfect Liberty 2020.5


Comments on: "Dust" (4)

  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Did you ask the dogs where they put it?

  2. My mother used to call that “putting it in a safe place.”

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