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Japan – April 1

Rev Goto our minister here in Ottawa for some years, is now back in Japan on his way to the PL school where he is now principal. He was gracious enough to give me permission to share with you this photo he took on his way to work.

This man was my mentor here in Ottawa, I would not have studied and gone through for teachings in the philosophy of PL had he not encouraged me to do so. We never know in life when we will meet up with or come across a person or people who by their purpose and dedication lead you into or towards a different path. Being a Hokyoshi (Assistant Minister) in PL (Perfect Liberty) has enabled me to grow in both spirit and mind. I have never been happier with the “road” I’m on, the direction I’m taking, and with the all people I meet along the way.

These beautiful cherry blossoms that are now in full bloom, will eventually give way to leaves as they evolve through their cycle of life during the seasons. So will we, our time here is constantly in motion, we too change with the seasons, every day brings us a new beginning..

For readers in Brazil, Alberto Barbos and Master Alexander Levorato are asking for your participation in a Campaign to help those in need, their contact information can be found on FB (Brazil). Master Levorato is with the West Zone of SP, he is the organizer of this campaign, If you can help, please contact one of these men. Donations will be collected/received until April 30.21. Together we grow stronger!

Today’s calendar – April 1.2021 Each person’s peace leads to World Peace

Viva en verdadera libertad . Viva na verdadeira liberdade LIVE IN PERFECT LIBERTY

World Peace ceremony @ 10 a.m today. in Ottawa Church.

Comments on: "Japan – April 1" (17)

  1. As each drop or rain falls, collecting, creates an ever growing pool, so does each person’s peace like that droplet grow and spread.

  2. Beautiful Sakura

  3. lise lawrence said:

    Yes they are beautiful.

  4. These images are beautiful. It was interesting hearing a bit about your journey to being a Hokyoshi. Rev. Goto sounds like an interesting person. Waves across the border.

    • I would never have gone to Japan had he not encouraged me, it was not a place I was drawn to.. what I experienced there was a sense of awareness about myself that was profound, I had never been in a country where I knew nothing about it or the language. Here in Canada I am proficient in both English and French, so anywhere I go, I can feel at home and or comfortable in my surroundings.. there I had to wear a badge with my name and where I was staying, so when I wandered into the town, strangers could help me if I got lost. Very few people spoke English never mind understand it.
      Everyone was so kind, walking me to the right bus stop, directing the bus driver where I should be let off etc. they are so thoughtful to the needs of a stranger. I learned what it must be like for new comers to Canada what it has to be like for them not understanding our language and trying to navigate here.. and think about our winters..
      yes, I went several times to Japan for training.. now I would not go, I’m older and the length of time travel to there is awful on my body.
      When we do something and become a better person for it, it becomes a part of you. Waves a happy smile and sends joy your way.. btw. had my first shot today

      • That ios awesome. As a happy coincidence, we both received our first shot the same day. Thank you for sharing about your journeys to Japan. It sounds wonderful. Yes, I know the fear of being someplace and not speaking the language. Well, In El Salvador, I knew some Spanish, not a lot. And I agree that these things have become a part of us. Waves good morning.

    • You serious, we both got our shots yesterday! Too cool! I actually was following you while you were in El Salvador =^_^= sends sunny smile your way.. looking good for the long week-end, only Ontario has been shut down.

      • When do you get your second dose? Mine is the 29th. Sorry to hear your province is shut down. Can you at least go out and enjoy the woods?

    • oh I do. I go out very early in the morning. have done so almost every day since October, last fall. my second dose, you sitting down.. I have to wait till July forget I think its the 23rd. why, Canada doesn’t have a steady supply of vaccines!!

      • I see. I’ve heard of this strategy. Having one dose in you supposedly protects you 70-80%. I’m surprised Canada is having this problem. Let’s hope they can get enough people vaccinated to bring the numbers down.

  5. He did us all a service

  6. Such gorgeous photos that lift the spirt. It is fascinating that these encounters and meetings in life can change our journey. All we need to do is to be open to possibilities.

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